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The Slender Challenge IX Weight Loss Competition is underway! Follow the 30 contestants on their weight loss journey over the next few weeks as they battle it out to see who is the biggest loser.

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Miracles Happen

Spent most of the day at the office and then had to go to the mall to stock up on food. The veggies and fruit go so fast.   Had supper a bit later but it was completely worth it in this...

Pizza & wyn

Ek het n pizza & wyn kuiertjie met vriende oorleef😀 My sparkling water in die wynglas en ek het my hoender & groente...

flavoured water?

so my wife saw a few posts where contestants mention the use of flavoured water, but I know in the instructions given, it states NO flavoured water. Could someone please advise? See photo...

I 💜 Saturday


So so Saturday

Have had a very restless Saturday.  I felt very hungry but didn’t feel like any of the meal options.  I am finding the dietary options very limited, and would really love some more variety at...

Simple Saturday

I did my first Parkrun of the year. It was a super simple 5kms that I felt went by in a flash. I don't do it for the time but for the exercise. We then all went out for breakfast and because I am...

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