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I love Fridays...besides the fact that I have to study 😕 I'm back on track for these last 4 weeks. I'm hoping to get to my goal of 80kg by...

Food ads don’t stop

oh this is hard watching all these restaurant ads at peak times on tv (pizzas, fish and chips etc) when you still have room for more but your allowance is done for the day 🙈 I'm fitting into my...

happy friday

Happy friday enjoy the...


Lekker harde week by die werk... gelukkig..as mens besig is, vergeet 'n mens van kos.. Baie dinge weer beplan vir die naweek.. vandat ons diet, lyk ons tuin ook baie...

I can!


Food as a reward

I've seen that a few of us have joked about the fact that we hope there is cake at the final weigh-in, and that's been stuck in my mind. I have always used food as a reward. And even more so, as a...

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