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The Slender Challenge IX Weight Loss Competition is underway! Follow the 30 contestants on their weight loss journey over the next few weeks as they battle it out to see who is the biggest loser.

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Monday over

Wow what a long day at court. Trial is very stressful for all involved, problem is I thought we would finish by 12 so simply took an apple for mid morning. Guess what eventually had a meal at 16h00. ...


I am amazed at how far I have come from being an emotional eater.  It has been a very stressful day and the week ahead will be much of the same and this would normally have ended in binging on lots...

week 8 day 2

focussed - regrouped and ready to kick the remaining weeks on its be-hind..... need to get to that target .... (even if its is a moving...

Rustige Maandag..

Wat eers na 'n rowwe  Maandag gelyk het, het heel rustig uitgedraai. Ek voel weer op koers met die challenge aangesien ek maar min geëet het tydens die grieperigheid.. Nou vorentoe kyk vir die...

Week 8

Today has been a good day and a busy day. I for the first time had my shake as my morning snack, which then caused me to not really want lunch, so I had half my lunch and then the other half a little...

Blue Monday

Great! (sarcastic). Food wise I am doing fine so far, but I will never get over the "drinking enough water"...

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