This is the new home of the Slender Challenge competition as well as the new Slender Wonder community blog.

Slender Challenge VII entries are now closed. The top 30 will be announced over the next few weeks and the competition officially kicks off on Saturday, the 22nd August.

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Day 53 – Counting down to Simeon B

So I didn't find GM easy actually, which is quite interesting. And my weight once again has been doing its fluctuation. Can't wait for Saturday to start GM. And I just really want to do well in...

GM so far

I'm loving the addition of a few extra veggies and protein to the eating plan, however I'm finding that I'm not that hungry in the evening compared to SB, even though I'm sticking to my usual eating...

Wk 8, Tuesday – Winning the work battle

So, I might not be winning the weight loss battle these last few days (standing dead still, and still wondering what effect the pain meds and cortisone will have), but at least I am winning the work...

Weigh in is creeping up on me…

Friday morning will be my next weigh in and im a bit worried. I don't think i have lost much while on the GM phase. I am excited to start the injections again and just being able to lose a few more...


Hi All Sorry its a very hectic week my end and each day is getting a nice shade of blue to it as the time passes... ☺☺☺ Not really worried about the weigh in tomorrow cause do not get...

To GM or not to GM

I am enjoying the GM variety but it feels like i am wasting my time on a stage where the weight loss has stagnated. We have so little time left on the challenge i just want to get back to SB and lose...

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