This is the new home of the Slender Challenge competition as well as the new Slender Wonder community blog.

Slender Challenge VII entries are now closed. The top 30 will be announced over the next few weeks and the competition officially kicks off on Saturday, the 22nd August.

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Day 7

Hi. Today was super busy so that is why i am only doing my blog now. I still love my shake it is so delicious. I don't have much to say today, I had my lunch and supper which was cauliflower and...

What a day!

Today my sister's kids needed a chauffeur to go watch a movie. At first I tried to resist knowing what a challenge it would be to hang around at the mall. Eventually I gave in and off we went, armed...

A fantastic day…..with a great turn around

Had a good day at Home......a bit tempting as i took the kids out to Papachinos, i managed to hold it back with only a cup of tea.....Dinner was so good i can say that i had enough, and not wanting...

Cauliflower tuna bake nom Nom

Just had an amazing supper, got cauliflower rice from woolies and added tuna with a whole lot of spices and onion chilli's and chives, baked it in the oven. Turned out to be very nice. Doing quite...

Week 2, day 1 – First Saturday…

Struggled a bit today, wanted comfort food... BUT I did not give in! I sticked to my meals and water, and I'm sure that things will get easier as we go. Must say that my hubby is making it so...

Day 8 – Preparation is really key

Sjoe! The event I was talking about came and went! And as I expected, when lunch was served, there was food EVERYWHERE! The spread was something else! Roast potatoes, pastries, chicken, roast beef...

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