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Monday blues

Can I please get a do over of the weekend – I wasn’t ready! 😁

The work pressure is really getting to me now – So much that I’m missing meals because I’m too busy to eat, or just too tired to eat. I know this can’t be good, I really got get a handle over everything before I lose my mind.

Losing weight too quickly?

Is there such a thing?

Today I wore a fitted black dress and everybody was talking about my weight loss and how it seems to have happened overnight. Overnight? Seriously??

It got me wondering though, could I be losing weight too quickly

Low battery

I’m soooooo ready for a holiday! I seem to have gotten back into my busy bee routine. I dont know how or when this happened, i wish I could go back to how i felt in week 1. I need to slow things down… a whole lot and pretty soon. Thanks to my lypo powder, i dont know what i’d be without my trusted Lypo powder lol.

4 weeks already?

I cant believe its been four weeks already! So much has happened and so there’s been so many changes. I had my weigh in today and the scale refuses to be friends with me.😁 Its quite frustrating when i can feel quite a differece in how my clothes fit and people keep commenting about how much weight ive lost in such a short space of time, however when everything seems to be going right the scale decides to go left 👈

Lypo powder to the rescue

I’m beginning to believe that there really is such a thing as the 24hr flu.

Yesterday morning I was fine, by the afternoon I was feeling a bit tired. By 18:00 was fast asleep only to wake up this morning with a raspy voice, a major headache and literally no energy. So I grabbed my trusted lypo powder for those moments when I need some energy. I honestly don’t know if it’s the lypo powder that helped but I feel fine now.

Home sweet home

Nothing feels better than visitting mommy dearest and spending time with the rest of the fam, the only thing different is that im unable to indulge in good old mama’s cooking😐, i have to keep reminding myself why im doing this.

Mirror mirror on the wall…

Lately I’ve been seeing a change when I look at myself in the mirror. That muffin top seems to be disappearing lol and I haven’t measured myself so I’m not sure if my mirror is playing tricks on me or if what I’m seeing is for real. But as I always says… “Positive thoughts” so I’m choosing to believe that my mirror is a true reflection of what is lol.


Nothing much to be said today, just an ordinary day. Boy I can’t  wait for the weekend. 😏

So tired

I’ve been drifting in and out of sleep since I came back from work – and I missed supper 😣

Why can’t  we fast forward Mondays straight into Tuesday 😁Thank God for lypo powder!

Don’t know what I’ll be without my lypo powder

Strength in numbers

This weight loss challenge really is challenging. This is coming from a person who’s never been able to stick to a diet longer than a month. There’s been so many times that I’ve just wanted to give up because it was just too hard or too much.

But… everybody has just been so supportive, and these blogs really help a lot because sometimes you might think that you’re the only one going through something or having particular thoughts and then you read a blog or a whatsapp message about someone else having the same experience.
This really motivates me because there’s just something about knowing that you are not alone that gives me that nudge or push I need to keep going.

Sooooo…… Thank you everybody

Angel AKA Jazzy’s momma


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