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Category 10-20 KG'S
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82 KG'S Goal Weight
90.8 KG'S Current Weight
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Week 3 round up!

A third week has passed after being chuffed with my results of my first weigh-in:-)  Energy levels have been high after receiving my VitB injection this past week, atleast my mind has accepted the quantity and quality of the meals, for now.  I’ve had a  busy week with some travelling and haven’t really had much of an appetite.

I’ve started noticing that my clothes have dropped a size and I’ve started to fit into clothes that were previously too tight.  Not only am I managing to close the buttons on my trousers, but I’ve also had to make a new hole in my belt to keep my pants up!

Currently lying in 5th position and being motivated that all this sacrifice is finally paying off .  The Slender Challenge has been well worth it!!!

1st weigh in has arrived!

Looking forward to my first weigh in today!  Not only to check my weight loss, but more excited to get my energy jab;-)

This passed week I felt like I was running on empty, no energy!

Strangely, at this stage my stomach is starting to accept the minimum intake of food  and it seem to full after meals.

Hopefully my stomach has shrunk and remains like this!!

Let’s see what the scale has to say today!!!

Week 1 -Round up-We can do it!

I felt very tired and irritable as the weekend approached!  I managed to catch up with some well deserved sleep.

I prepared some bulk cooking for my future meals, also trying  out some of the other contestants great meal ideas.


Chicken Cabbage Wraps

Tea time Snack (Home made Peach Jam)

Sunday Feast (Fillet with Bringel & Spinach)




The wonderful thing of this “Slender Diet”,  is that I did not find myself hungry at all during the weekend. It came as a surprise as I managed to survive the first weekend!

During the weekend, I accompanied my family to a pizza restaurant. While upholding my discipline, I sat and slowly sipped down a coke zero and watched them gobble down their pizza’s!

This is when I realized that this diet is possible…if I can manage this “stay clear of a pizza”, then nobody has any excuse!

Yes, we can! 1 week down!

Day 4 – Round Up

Day 4 ‘s energy levels seemed to loose some steam and I craved a “mojo energy jab”!  Red bull would do just fine;-)

Meals were great as I experimented and was creative with a bringel and tamatoe – basil prego-  It was divine!!!



Day 3 – Round up

The 3rd day started and ended off  well, with no headaches and felling “GREAT” throughout the day. Not feeling hungry at all!  Had egg with cherry tomato for lunch and Cayenne spiced chicken cubes with half a gem for dinner.  Finished off with a cup of fruit salad!

Day 2 -Round up

Day 2 started off badly with headaches. The  Panado seemed to kick in quicker than usual!  Probably, the reason is my  empty body.

I did not feel hungry at all during the day, as I drank plenty water each time I past the fridge.  The fridge is now becoming a place that I’m starting to avoid!!!

The shake was great, as I added the correct amount of water.  I had a tuna and tomato salad for lunch and a whole 100g steak with baby cabbage for For dessert I had a nectarine. My meals were a definite winner!

Day 1 -Round up

Day 1 started off  with  bit of a booboo on my side by mis-reading the measurement.  Therefore, adding too much water to the shake (almost double the amount) I don’t recommend this!!!  Today’s shake was definitely a better one!  Drank lots of water throughout the day and did not feel hungry at all.  Only getting to my first snack (apple @ 15h00), then 2x provitas @16h00.  I then went straight onto supper @ 19h00 (quantity verse quality – chicken breast with baby cabbage stir fry). My bowl was full and to be honest it was not that bad at all!  I, then finished off on my bonus (apple with cinnamon), for desert which I scored by missing out on one of my snacks during the day.  Felt really full but the headache started to set in…


Tweaking the First Shakes

Okay, so who followed the instruction on the shake this morning? 250ml of water is a no,no for me! Tasted a lot better with a shot or two of  an espresso!

Making the most of the gorging phase…!

I started the day off with an injection followed by a full English breakfast (pork bangers and bacon with fried eggs on bread).  I had a slice of Tiramisu cake for tea. I went out with my family for Pizza for dinner (lots of AVO). Only 1hr left to take advantage of gorging! I’m making myself a cappuccino (with foam) and contemplating a quick ride to KFC for some sticky wings.

I am 46 year young male, married for only 15 years to a wonderful woman, who happened to enter me into this awesome life changing-Slender Challenge!
We are blessed to have a beautiful family together consisting of 3 young kids & 2 dogs and live in the fabulous province of Irene-Centurion.

I am an Electronics Engineer and have been self employed for the last 24 years.

I love the outdoors especially camping, hiking, diving, kite surfing, travelling, skiing …

In my spare time, I consume as many cappuccinos as possible and love Italian foods such as pizza , pasta and more pizza…..and it’s No wonder I was selected as I of the 30 lucky contestants!


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