Colette Mansfield

Category 10-20 KG'S
Position 16 TH
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80 KG'S Starting Weight
65 KG'S Goal Weight
76 KG'S Current Weight
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Smooth Sunday

A better day than yesterday.  Managed some exercise, and meals went down a bit better.

Prepped and ready for the new week.

So so Saturday

Have had a very restless Saturday.  I felt very hungry but didn’t feel like any of the meal options.  I am finding the dietary options very limited, and would really love some more variety at this point. The weekends are still difficult.  Realizing I really do socialize a lot around food.


So I had my weigh in yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised by the weight and cm loss!  Yippee its working.

Ironically felt like celebrating with something really nice to eat.  I would kill for something as simple as a slice of warm toast with butter (but didn’t).  So its onto the next 2 weeks.  Really need to get the exercise program up and running properly.





Be still my heart

Seriously filled with so much trepidation for my weigh in this afternoon.  But it is part of the process, and is unavoidable.

Fingers crossed all goes well.

Up and running again

After basically sleeping the whole of yesterday and part of today, I feel revived.  Ready to tackle the world again.  Have reviewed posts where some contestants have started to weigh in for the week, and many have not been happy with their results.  This is making me extra nervous for my weigh in tomorrow.  I can feel the cm loss, just hoping the scale says the same.

Sick day

Woke up feeling very ill with a high temperature today.  After seeing the dr basically spent the day sleeping.  Haven’t taken in much today.  Hopefully up and running tomorrow.

Mild Monday

So its Monday.  Fortunately it hasn’t been a mad crazy day, which is just as well as I still feel a bit flat, and my energy levels are low.  I do however suspect I am coming down with flu or something.  Still sticking to the plan and looking forward to the weigh-in on Thursday.   I have managed not to weigh myself, so I am very curious to see what my weight loss is.  Interestingly my husband has basically been eating the same foods as me (so supportive) just in larger quantities and has lost 8kg!! So all the healthy meals and no junk food in the house has definitely benefitted us both.  I am however a bit peeved that he has lost so much weight already…..

Quiet Sunday

A very quiet Sunday spent resting and sleeping.  Clearly what was needed as I feel much better.  Now to tackle food prep for the week ahead.  Weigh in week ahead again.

Restless Saturday

Mood and energy very low today.  Feel low on motivation too.  Hoping it’s just from the busy stressful week that I’ve had, and that it passes quickly.


So it’s Friday again.  Always feel a bit apprehensive about the weekend, too unpredictable. Keeping the socializing  to a minimum still.  Just need to stay focused on the goal!!


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