Colette Mansfield

Category 10-20 KG'S
Position 12 TH
Weight Details
80 KG'S Starting Weight
65 KG'S Goal Weight
63.2 KG'S Current Weight
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Nothing left to count

My calendar says it all.  I have marked off every day of every week that I completed (part of my motivation).

I have surprised myself with this one, didn’t really think I had the motivation, resilience or tenacity to stick it out.

A big thank you to all the contestants with your supportive comments and tips and ideas to stay on this journey…..👍


Working Wednesday

My day:

Busy rushed day.  So glad I dragged myself to yoga in the end, mind and body feel less stressed.  Just one of those weeks….where I need to remember to breathe….🧘‍♀️

On the plus side so excited for Saturday.


Can’t look

The day has gone so quickly.  Which means we are almost midweek of the last week.  The whole time during the challenge I wanted to the days and weeks to go quickly.  Now I want to start again, slow things down, have more time!!  I’m not ready yet for the last day.


Moody Monday

One of those Mondays, which was challenging from the beginning (Monday is not the best day to deal with car issues).  Not helped by the fact that I didn’t sleep well, so I feel exhausted today, and a little bit on the irritable and moody side.

In the past this would usually have been a combination for an eating disaster – nothing like carbs to make you feel better, especially with your 3pm coffee….😤 .

But new strategies are in place…..

So it’s off to yoga….🧘‍♀️, for deep breathing and stress release.


Sunny Sunday

Beautiful sunny day in Cape Town.

Gym ✔️

Walk dogs✔️

Shopping & Food prep ✔️

Now for a Sunday braai and relaxation.  I can’t believe this is the last week of the challenge.  12 weeks seemed so long and now it is nearly over!!  I have learned so much during this process, just hoping that I can continue on my own.




Fun Friday

Finally its FRIDAY!!  A bit of a challenging weekend ahead.  Doing a whole lot of baking for my sisters birthday tonight. Then the actually party is Saturday night.  So its going to be a whole lot of family and friends and a whole lot of food not on my list.

The challenge is not so much my willpower but rather my ability to convince others that I’m ok with my food choices and that really NO I don’t want any, not even a little taste.


Thursday Thoughts

Wow week 10 results are looking good.  Can’t wait to see all the transformations in person.

I am amazed that I have managed to stay on the program.  It’s definitely not easy, but the blogging and support of the other contestants makes a huge difference.

It’s encouraging that everyone is still so focused and motivated.

Thank you all for your encouraging words over the last 10 weeks.


Under pressure

Really is just one of those crazy work &  life weeks.  Need to get to yoga after work so that I can just catch my breath and remember how to breathe.



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