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The Final Post

I just want to start off by saying thank you.

Thank you to;

  • The Renewal Institute and Dr Allem – for the incredible opportunity that you gave me by selecting me to be a part of this challenge. What this opportunity has afforded me is the kick start that I so needed in my weight loss journey. I am down nearly 20kgs in 3 months. On Monday I am going for a full set of bloods including checking my insulin. This will determine if I have lost enough weight and reversed my insulin resistance – which will allow me to continue to lose weight gradually and permanently.
  • Dr Marisa Stadler for dealing with my persistent emails from September last year to my panicked messages at the beginning of the challenge.
  • Dr Pierce Van Tonder for being professional, supportive, honest and positive through every one of my challenge weigh-ins
  • Inge for running an incredibly busy branch but still making me feel special every time I walked in.
  • Kayleigh and her team for being patient through all my technical queries and pestering.
  • Last but not least are my fellow challengers – words cannot describe how proud I am of each and every one of you! Every kilo lost is a win making every person on this challenge is a winner! Your support, guidance, honesty and humour got me through this.


For me, I am only halfway there and to be honest I am scared to go-it-alone. However, I know that The Renewal Institute is a phone call away and I will apply all the learning I have made to ensure a better, healthy life for myself.


I am so looking forward to seeing (less) of you all in less than 12 hours.

Image result for thankyou meme

Image result for thankyou meme

Second Last Day – Second Last Shake Day

Today marks shake day 2. I did shakes for breakfast and lunch (to which I added the Ryvita) and will have some soup for dinner. I do still feel very bloated but the scale went down by 1.1kgs from yesterday which is a total shock haha! At this point I am hoping to be down a full 20kgs on the Renewal Institute scale and I will strip starkers if it means that I weigh less on Saturday morning’s weigh in. Last night I got my hair and nails done which always makes me feel refreshed and beautiful.


I honestly cannot believe how 3 months has flown by. It has been an incredible journey thus far. I would not have been able to drop the weight I needed to had I not been included in the challenge, and for that I am so grateful. I was already bugging Dr Stadler from September last year to be included in this year’s challenge, haha! The weight loss that I have achieved has got me halfway to my weight loss goal, which is an absolutely indescribable feeling. This morning my colleague said how excited she is for me to finish this and added “Just watching you eat those ryvitas” 😂😂😂.  My colleagues have been so supportive during this journey. They sympathised with me through every cupcake, pizza, burger and chocolate – yip, it’s an office of fast-food junkies which I have never actually joined them in and would only occasionally, over the last four years, have a “cheat meal” with them.


Sending you all big hugs and thumbs up! 3 more sleeps and it’s all over.


Image result for nearly there meme

Image result for nearly there meme

Final Wednesday – Shake Day 1

So I climbed onto the scale this morning and not only had I not lost but I had gained 100g since last week Wednesday. In disbelief I paced up and down and weighed  myself 5 times to check if perhaps there had been an error. Nope, I am up 100g. The HCG has changed the hard fought for hormonal balance in my body. I have an IUD and do not get my period on it – I do still get other symptoms associated with menstruation. The HCG has resulted in 3 periods over the last three months. I have PCOS so have been battling my weight and hormones for over 16 years. This onset of my period could be the reason for the weight plateau and 100g. This is so infuriating but I cannot change the scale – I can toss it from a height though. I pushed it back into the corner and told it to take a time out and think about what it had done.


In light of the weight gain, I had a mini meltdown, composed myself and then actioned a solution – three Shake Days. Halfway through Shake Day 1 and I feel good. I am drinking lots of water, chewing on some gum and have my apple as a mid-afternoon snack.


3 more sleeps until the big reveal and reunion.


Final Tuesday

I woke up feeling fine today but got to work and started to feel overwhelmingly tired which brought on intense nausea. I couldn’t stomach my whole breakfast of boiled egg on Ryvita and left it. A few hours later and my head started up. This is when I realised it was the start of a migraine – which ties into symptoms from yesterday. I took a grandpa powder which I rarely take as the side effects from it are not great. I don’t know about anyone else but the caffeine in it makes me very hyper. Will see how I feel about gym later as I am still feeling very out of it.


My weight is barely moving on the scale and I was hoping to be a full kilo down already. I am pushing as hard as I can and am quite disappointed by the weight loss this last round of HCG. My goal is still to lose a full 20kgs by Saturday. It is what it is and we will see what it is on Saturday. I am honestly more interested in seeing how much body fat has been lost as well as seeing “less” of everyone in the Gauteng group.



The Final Monday Motivation


Today was nothing out of the ordinary. I have been tracking my food intake on Fatsecret for years. I don’t eat out of the allowance of the plan and still it is indicating that my calorie intake is above the 650kcals that we are allowed to eat – which means that it is a shake for dinner tonight!


Gym session after work which will be moderate cardio and 2x steam room sessions.


Hope that you all had an easy Monday!



My Day In Pictures


Lunch: Chicken Liver Salad


NSV (Non-Scale Victory)

This morning I went bridesmaid dress shopping for my best friend’s wedding at Bride and Co. The last time I went to their branch in Cape Town was a disaster. I was 117kgs and only fit into their plus size bride range and they only had enormous sizes for me to try on. Today I didn’t need special sizes. I fit into their “normal” range. I felt beautiful, sexy and happy. My friend, the bride, decided to put me in a sequined fit and flare. I could have murdered her. She was nearly crying from laughter. Needless to say I looked great actually but would never wear the style.

Second last Friday night

Today went well. Got most of my water in and enjoyed my meals. I got a quick and fast-paced 30 minute workout in as I had to fetch my sister’s puppy from doggy daycare. I’m puppy sitting tonight and could not be happier. I have her and my other 3 dogs lying on the couch next to me. I’m such a lucky lady! My folks have been away this week on a business trip in China. It’s been interesting trying to study, workout, work full-time and run the house – 3 dogs is no joke. When one wants to go out in the night then half an hour later the other one does haha!


Tonight’s dinner was not 100% on plan as I had a lamb chop from the freezer. I forgot my chicken in the fridge at work! I felt like such a chop (bad pun) when I got home. I had to make a plan and I could not stomach another tin on tuna at this point… And I forgot to buy eggs. So this was honestly my last option or go hungry.


I am so excited but saddened that the journey is ending. I would love to go back to the weight loss of the first month. I haven’t 100% decided how I will continue after the end of the challenge as it is not a financially viable option as I am emigrating this year. All I know is that I would not have been able to lose the 20kgs without being given this opportunity on the Slender Challenge.


Wishing the rest of the challengers an incredible final weekend. You’ve done it guys and I am so proud of all of you.

Final Push

With just over a week left on the challenge it is time to make the final push for the best results. I am determined to have a significant loss by next Saturday and am focusing all my energy into this.


I have been tracking my eating meticulously and I am going to gym tonight for a good, hard workout. Yesterday was a write-off as I never slept the day before. I think I am running on nervous energy as I have never got so much done at the mall, during my lunch hour, ever.


Well done to everyone for the incredible weight loss results this far. The end is in sight… now to hit the target.


I don’t know if anyone else is struggling to sleep with the low calorie, low carb diet but there are nights where I lie awake tossing and turning. I usually put it down to my anxiety. I also find that when I workout hard I can’t sleep that night, which you would think would be the opposite.


Oh wells, I was fed up with lying awake and took two Somnil last night. I honestly can’t tell if I am dead or alive today. Because I am so sleep deprived my cravings are crazy but in no way am I giving in to them.


10 more days! I can’t believe it!

I am 32 and live in Jozi. I am a newlywed and my hubby lives in the UK (where I hope to join him by June). I am a proud dog mom and hope to be a human mom soon too. I head up video content for the top African stock image and video library. I am a part time gym rat in love with kettlebells and Yoga.

You can also connect with me on Facebook as well as follow my journey on Instagram @the_skinny_bee :)


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