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106.7 KG'S Starting Weight
88 KG'S Goal Weight
102.8 KG'S Current Weight
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Sorry guys

Hi mates, I’m sorry if I created a negative feeling in my blog last night, it was certainly not my intention. Hope you guys can lift up and get motivated for the diet. It’s really hard. But we can move onward and upward, or is that downward.

Day three syndrome

Wow today was tough, not cause I was hungry but I was feeling week and my brain was mush. But I think s good nite sleep and a lekker cup o coffee will bring me round. We have a great watsap group so we alk kerp each other moving. Here’s to 82 days left.

End of day two

So I did an idiotic thing today, I prepare my tabs in the evening (night before) and for some unknown reason I doubled up for each dose, I kinda felt unsure when I took them at breakfast lunch and dinner until I repacked for tomorrow when I realized that I had taken a double dose the whole day. I hope I don’t look like a tablet. Didn’t make me feel any different and hope it will just go though my system quickly. Ha ha. Other than that had a pleasant diet day as much as one can do through the suffering. Amazing how focused one is on food when you know it’s not readily available. Anyway ready (with the right amount of tabs) for day 3.onward and upwards. Cheers.

Day one

So I got through today quite easily, I think because I was busy and yesterdays food is still giving me the energy.
I have told everyone I come across that I am on the challenge and its amazing how supportive everyone is. My hubby made the shake this morning, just plain with ice, he had a little, loved it so much and told me I must go get some more so he can also have it in the morning with me. So Ill go by another flavour for variety.
I made iced tea last nite with mint and rosemary, and drank it over the day, I managed to get in 2.5l with variety of the drinks, including rooibos tea, lemon water and of course my mint rosemary iced tea. i’ll finish up my 3l quota before I go to bed. Boy do you go to the loo alot.
we are on a watsap group and it really is quite entertaining, it certainly does help, although I think its gonna get a little more morbid as we start realizing that food is scarce.
Im excited for tomorrow, day 1 is done and we have 83 days to go.
Here’s walking through the challenge with inmates and fellow dieters.
May the skinny be with you!!!

Preparation and pizza

Im alone this weekend so thought id take the opportunity to prepare both mentally and practically. The skin renewal team and our wardens (joke) have given us 24 hours to gorge ourselves. So I ordered a pizza, sat on my bed and took stock of the next 12 weeks. I realized that the journey is not easy, but it is achievable. Its like going uphill on the big dipper…slowly slowly…not to sure how the far the drop will be..the apprehension and the fear. But you almost at the summit and the only thing you cam do is hold on. I have decided to tell all my friends, my staff and my family, that way they can understand and when I say no to an invitation, or when my mood is not up to a pleasant par. I think that way you don’t have to feel embarrassed when you have to say no. I am committed, Im in control and I know I can. Commitment control I can. My family is behind me, my trainer is behind me and most of all Im behind me. Believe. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels “Oprah”

New beginning

Hi fellow bloggers. I normally try do the park run. But cause of rain, no park run today but thought I’d let you know and maybe get some motivation from you. I got accepted to do the skin renewal slender challenge. Today is day dot. The start. I’m at their offices with 14 other keen candidates vying for the cup. I want to lose 25kg and they have given (about to give us) a 12 week program to make it happen. So I was hoping that I can get some motivation  to do it. Excited nervous and hopeful. Here goes…ps no wine for 12 weeks aaaa.

Hi there, I am 48, I have two adult sons and have been married for over 22 years. my husband has always been my rock and he is fully behind me. I am an attorney and do mostly family law which can be quite stressful, I stay in JHB and have done so all my life. I don”t normally stick to things till the end so this one is going to be tough but I am ready.


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