Debra Wooley

Category 10-20 KG'S
Position 17 TH
Weight Details
106.7 KG'S Starting Weight
88 KG'S Goal Weight
92.5 KG'S Current Weight
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Before and after pictures

Hi everyone, I know there have been problems with my email, so can you tell me if we have the before and after photos yet please


Hi guys. Sorry to ask but do we know what time we expected on Saturday

Holiday is here

Wow, the last week has been so stressful with work I need this holiday. Flew in last night on an areoplane so full I think there were people hanging on the wings ha ha. Anyway in Durban it’s overcast but it’s a breakaway. Planning a back and neck massage at 9. Gym. Movies and a leaker steak lunch. That’s what I deserve. Enjoy human rights day everyone.

Monday over

Wow what a long day at court. Trial is very stressful for all involved, problem is I thought we would finish by 12 so simply took an apple for mid morning. Guess what eventually had a meal at 16h00. Dinner of seared tuna at 8 a little later than normal. Exhausted. But made it with no bad eating. Got to gym 30 minutes late and looked at the trainer and said..I just can’t. So he let me off the hook and bought me a cup of coffee. Mmm. Will have to make it up tomorrow.
Good nite all.

New week

So the week begins, the holidays are coming. More than half way through people. It’s downhill from here. Keep strong.

Slowing down

I’m finding that the program whilst mostly second nature now is becoming stale. The focus is waining and I ofetn forget to take my tabs on time, I think this is slowing the weightlosss down a lot, I’m usually doing about 300gm a day but I actually put on about 500g since my weigh in on Monday. Not taking the injection in the morning has also put off my routine. This is not a criticism but a mere vent to give me motivation to get refocussed for the next 5 weeks and hit that goal… common debs you can do it, let’s beat this thing….strength going forward.

Always feel good

Perhaps the biggest challenge is to stay positive, appreciate the efforts the support system has provided. It can’t be too easy to be the people assisting us when our mood swings are so erratic. I wanted to let them know that they are appreciated and that if it wasn’t for them we would not have progressed so far in the weight loss if they had not given us the opportunity. I know when I first started my moods were horribly variable and I found many to be my sounding board sometimes being really ugly to those who care. But I must say now that we are further along and my body has become accustomed to the process, I can see through the hard times and realize that it was me not them. I want to thank them for their patience for taking my insults my ugly words and want you to know that it was not me. I’m better now and a whole lot thinner. Have a good Saturday.


Wow I was hungry today. Ate a few provitas at 4 which kinda satisfied the hunger and lots more water. Hanging in there

Sorry guys

Hi mates, I’m sorry if I created a negative feeling in my blog last night, it was certainly not my intention. Hope you guys can lift up and get motivated for the diet. It’s really hard. But we can move onward and upward, or is that downward.

Day three syndrome

Wow today was tough, not cause I was hungry but I was feeling week and my brain was mush. But I think s good nite sleep and a lekker cup o coffee will bring me round. We have a great watsap group so we alk kerp each other moving. Here’s to 82 days left.

Hi there, I am 48, I have two adult sons and have been married for over 22 years. my husband has always been my rock and he is fully behind me. I am an attorney and do mostly family law which can be quite stressful, I stay in JHB and have done so all my life. I don”t normally stick to things till the end so this one is going to be tough but I am ready.


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