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Still going strong🤗

Friday was weigh in day and it went well….. you won’t believe me but I’m stillllll sick🤢 Being sick like this makes the diet even harder mostly because of the nauseating feeling that wont subside…..Being so nauseated and on the road Friday I didn’t do my water intake at all😔 Yesterday I was back on track again with my water but o my goodness it’s a BIG struggle it doesn’t help at all with the nausea…..and the swallowing of all the pills🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 I litterly tried everything possible for the continuous nausea and it just won’t subside and this makes me SOOOOOO MISERABLE because I’m giving my all for this challenge and i don’t want to fail at it…….but whow it’s taking everything out of me😟😣😢😭


Friday is weigh in day and by the looks of it I won’t set my expectations to high….I absolutely sticked to my diet but know this 2weeks the weighloss is not so much….I’m VERY VERY FRUSTRATED with the fact that I’ve not been feeling well still struggling with my sinuses from the flu from last week and it’s causing me so much nausea thru the daytime and night time I’m not able to breathe , so my energy levels are also down….uhggggggg this is SOOOOO FRUSTRATING and is definitely effecting my mood ALOT!!!!!😣😟😢

Congrats on some of you who already had their weigh ins and Strongs to the rest that’s still waiting for their weigh ins….And again Thank You so much for the continuous support from all of you❣

No energy🤧🤒Sunday…..

Last night was a struggle to fall asleep i had alot of pain in my left heel….for what reason i couldn’t say just started cramping and there after felt like the pain of a toothache non stop …. this morning just couldn’t wake up….the heel pain subsided but the flu was back my sinuses was blocked and couldn’t even get a good breath…. i had no energy….didn’t want to get out of bed….eventually got up and did a few things around the house but my energy got so low that i had to go back to bed again…took flu medication and slept for a while… so when i got up a bit later i felt much better …. so so glad i could end off my Sunday feeling much better than this morning and are ready for the new week ahead of us❗

I see its been a struggle for alot of us this past week yes maybe in some different ways but however a struggle….Lets get back our focus and give it our best this new week …as someone previously said “Just keep swimming”….we got this❣

Frustrated 😟

I’m really really on the point of throwing in the towel because i’m not losing as well as i want to….the most frustrating part of it all is that im sticking to my diet to the absolute tee…. NO CHEATING!!!!!!! …and im STILL not losing the weight …..Whyyyyyyyy😭😭😭 I’m trying my out most best to stay positive but it’s hard when you know you gave your best and the results stays the same…..😔

Rainy Thursday💦

It was raining the whole day and still being sick with the flu i was fortunate enough to spend most of my day in bed recuperating🤒🤧🤢…..

Even thou my diet is still on track im still not losing as well as i want to…..it’s soooooooo frustrating😔😢😭 well i’m not going to loose heart!…….

Goodnight everyone💤💭

Flu and Boring🤧🤒

Boringgggg Valentine’s day thank goodness its almost over….. still not feeling my best with the flu but at least i’m still going strong with my diet……

Hope everyone had a good Valentine’s day and still going strong❣


Tuesday is done …..not as bad as yesterday regarding my mood but still not much energy…….The nasty Flu got hold of our adresse and husband, son and me got it good🤢🤧🤒…… uhgggggggggg….. Going to get some meds from the pharmacy tomorrow really tried not to but can’t hold it off anymore….

Hope everyone is still going strong Sweet dreams 💭💤

Moody Monday🤐

Week3 “Moody Monday” for me…. Got up this morning very moody and not much energy …. as the day progress it got a bit better….made myself the cauliflower pizza for lunch and for dinner cauliflower rice and mince, thank you Bestie-Daleen for helping me with the prepping of it eventhou it was only over the phone😊 …..

Hope all you of are staying on track and keep going strong❣…...   Sweet dreams everyone 💭💤

Weigh Day☺

Today was weigh in day …..and i was so excited because i kept to a tee to my diet program even drink 4 and a half liters of water everyday what was kind of a very big accomplishment for me…..BUT….. to my disappointment i only lost 3.9kg really hoped it would’ve been more ….  but it is what is and i will not let the disappointment discourage me  i will still give it my best!…..

Congratulations on all my fellow Loosers with all your amazing weigh in results❣

I’m 42….Married and mother of 3….I’m fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom….
I recently became a very Proud grandma of a Precious little girl …she is now 3weeks “new”🤗😁 “Wow what a Privilege” 💗

I’m so Fortunate and Blessed to have this AMAZING opportunity with #TheSlenderChallenge this means the world to me because I  get a second chanche to get healthy and fit again to enjoy my granddaughter on every level …..and if that is not all I get a opportunity to do this with my Bestie of 23years, a dream come true for the both of us❣


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