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85 KG'S Goal Weight
96.3 KG'S Current Weight
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The End……

Wow and it is officially the end of our Slender challenge journey together…… So much emotions today for me because it feels a bit if I’m losing something…..can’t exactly explain it….. Again I realise how Greatfull I am to be able to have done this challenge…. Thank You So So Much #SlenderChallenge & #SkinRenewalSA for this Wonderful Opportunity❣Thank you to each and everyone who always supported me on this journey without all of you I would not have been able to have done this❣Lots of Hugs & Love to you All…..Excited to see everyone again tomorrow…… Hope we all did Great on our final weigh ins…….Now for our journey afterwards …..Let’s do this 💗


Last Tuesday☺

Can you believe it, this is our last Tuesday of this Awesome Challenge……Whow…..time most definitely flies by….  Everything is still on track on my side except I have no clue what’s happening with the scale…..My scale is not working right now so I’m very very nervous , I won’t be able to survive if there is no weight loss…because i know I did my absolutely best this last two weeks….so let’s see what happens……

Can’t wait to see everyone again….💗

still moving…..

Not much news on my side just that I’m still moving….moving forward towards my weight loss journey…..the end of this Slender challenge is coming so fast now and im a bit worried for what lay ahead afterwords … sure going to miss this Wonderful motivational group of friends made on this challenge……💖


For some reason my energy level are very low today…..I’m still focused and everything is on track …..Still motivated to give my absolute best this last two weeks of the challenge….

Strongs for everyone❣


Yes so tomorrow morning is  “D-day” …my weigh in😟 ….I know I’ve worked hard this past week but I also know how much I’ve stumbled the previous week…..so no weight loss will be the prize I have to pay….but yes I can’t change anything now about it…. I can now only go forward and giving it my ALL for the last stretch….

Good Luck every one on your weigh in and Congratulations for the rest that already weighed ….I’m sure everybody did great!!!!


So after my horrible past week I’m so so Grateful to have my focus back again…..and Wow what a disappointing time in myself I had……For now everything is back on track except not any weight loss 😭😭because of my Disasteroues “Falling of the wagon” So much WASTED good results and now the prize I will have to pay for it!!!!!!…. Believe me when i say it was DEFINITELY NOT WORTH IT😔😣😢😭….. and Weigh in is Friday morning…

Very Hard lesson learned again!!!!!!!!!…….

Disappointed pass week….

O my goodness what a disappointing past week I had …. Mostly SO DISAPPOINTED in myself….. I’ve lost all focus and fell very hard….. The quilt was so overwhelming I couldn’t think straight or even sleep…. With alot of personal stress at this time for me , and for the first time I’ve fall straight back into my usual “emotions taking control” so I fell back into my “emotional comfort eating”… just a bite here and a bite there….and YES HARD I FALL😣😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Most Definitely not worth it!!!! Why do i put myself thru this😭 ??????? This is such a once in a lifetime opportunity and go and take it for granted wasted a whole week of great weight loss……I’M SO DISAPPOINTED IN MYSELF… Since yesterday my focus is 100% back on track and if allowed I WILL NOT FAIL again for the rest of my slender challenge journey …..




Whow my emotions are a bit all over the place struggling to get 100%focused ….maybe it’s due to some personal stress …. but my heart is still fighting to giving my best……

Blessings for everyone on the Easter weekend and stay strong…❣


I’m feeling very tired and Moody…..don’t even feel like getting out of bed…..still giving it my all to the diet just very slower than usual……

Hope everyone else is doing fine…..

Sunny Sunday☺

After a cold cloudy and rainy week the sun is out today….Very grateful for all the rain ….. Weigh in was yesterday and it went surprisingly better than I anticipate….. Now the last 4weeks lies ahead and I’m ready for it Dertimmend than ever!!!!!! Again i’m so Grateful for this Slender challenge Opportunity and Definitely going to give it my All!!!!!!

Congratulations on every fellow contestant so far for sticking it out and are ready for this last stretch of the challenge ….I know we can do this! Strongs❣❣❣

I’m 42….Married and mother of 3….I’m fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom….
I recently became a very Proud grandma of a Precious little girl …she is now 3weeks “new”🤗😁 “Wow what a Privilege” 💗

I’m so Fortunate and Blessed to have this AMAZING opportunity with #TheSlenderChallenge this means the world to me because I  get a second chanche to get healthy and fit again to enjoy my granddaughter on every level …..and if that is not all I get a opportunity to do this with my Bestie of 23years, a dream come true for the both of us❣


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