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4 Weeks tomorrow

O wow and the time has flown.

I am all ready for the weekend. And so happy it is a break from work.

My protein is all weighed off and frozen so it is so easy just to take out the freezer and cook it with my veg – it defrosts very fast.

Now I have to be a little more innovative for my husband, but I am usually a good planner and then it is easy.

My rings are feeling loose on my fingers and that is such an awesome feeling. Little things makes a huge difference.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

My weigh day!!

Have been to Willowbridge Skin Renewal to weigh in and what a surprise.

Such a nice group of girls there!!

I also felt that there is little change – on the scale and even the cm’s but I am very happy.


I do sometimes lick a spoon or have a mouthful of my husbands meat, but stay away from the STARCH AND SUGAR

and you should get a way with the odd cheat.

I have A LOT OF WEIGHT to loose, so I have to keep my eye on the ball – otherwise what is the point?

This opportunity is not going to come my way, again very soon, so I HAVE TO MAKE THE VERY BEST OF IT.

I have an end result in mind and that keeps me going.

Good luck to all that have to get to the scale still – maybe a surprise is waiting!!



I have actually been extremely good – also drank all and more of my water.

So lets see what the scale says tomorrow – I am carefully optimistic!! But I can feel the cm going!!

I can also feel it is not as much as last time but maybe my body  is doing a re set – haha

I’m very impatient but hey we did not get to this weight over night so be fare to yourself.

Every kilo that is gone is an achievement!!

Good luck to everybody with the scale.

All good today

I am nicely locked into my eating plan now and just do everything in auto mode.

It is a bit of a challenge to give my hubby something nice on his plate every night but luckily he not fussy at all.

If you plan ahead it is soooo easy. Looking forward to Thursday’s –  weigh in day.

Have a great evening everyone.

Hello week 4

Wow this has gone so fast. And I must admit it has not always been plain sailing!!

I was a little down towards the end of last week – my husband says NO “you were in a foul mood!!” haha

And although I had a difficult week at work, I did not cheat once!! Ok and  then we went to a theater restaurant on Saturday evening

and I had the” best”thing on the menu – A filled mushroom with spinach and cheese on top with salad. I felt very guilty for having that but I just thought it is better that the starch meals!! I jumped on the scale yesterday morning and it looked like 1 kg down!!  Yesterday I was EXTRA good.

I did have a serious talk to my self over the weekend!

  1.  I am so happy to have been one of the few chosen once, so I must for once in my life grab this with both hands and STOP my old habits. Over eating is a decease like alcohol  misuse and we are very quick to judge a alcoholic but we never think of over weight people as actually being in the same category. Therefor I have decided to stick to this plan no matter what and if I finish the 12 week challenge and I am not at my goal yet – I will carry on until I am at my goal. And then the biggest test for me will be to STAY at my goal weight – I have done every diet in the book so far but ALWAYS go back to my old habits and gain it all back and more.
  2. SO – stop being in a bad mood for not being able to eat as my previous NORMAL, and ADJUST TO THE NEW ME.
  3. I love feeling so much better and the old saying – YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT – is sooo true
  4. Lastly I got back on to the treadmill this morning and that must also become a permanent routine!!

I already feel less aches and pains and as I get older it is so important to live healthier. Drink as little as possible alcohol and eat small portions. I always said: ” the thin people can eat what they like” but its not true!! They either gym themselves to death or eat and drink very little.

PS : I forgot my internet dongle at work on Friday so that is why I was so “absent”on the blog – missed you all!!

Have a fabulous week and yes it is weigh day again on Thursday – jippeee!!

Take care and only one day at a time.

Week 3 almost finished!!

OMW but time flies when you are having fun – LOL

The weekend is almost starting and it will be a first to go to a restaurant since I have started.

But I will drink my soda water and have a salad and something – I’m totally in control – I hope!!

My shake is almost finished and not sure what I am having for breakfast on Sunday? I only have ONE serving left.

Bacon and eggs…..NOT!!


Time is flying!!

Well with ZUMA out of our hair this should be a wonderful day.

I am just 7 days from my next weigh day – so I cannot be slack on the discipline now.

I must go to the green grocer today and get a bit more innovative – I’m VERY bored with my suppers!!

I have had a problem with mood swings as well – and usually I am easy going and a happy girl, but I think in my

sub conscience I feel deprived of the lekker stuff – haha.

Didn’t miss the sweet stuff yesterday but the olives, avo, feta, lekker bread with olive oil and balsamic, pizza, etc – I love savory foods!!

Got a big bunch of red roses yesterday from a chuffed husband – he cannot wait for his new SLIMMER wife!!

And of course I am NOT  going to disappoint him or myself.

Stay strong everyone -the results are going to blow us away !!


Valentine’s Day

O dear not one chocolate or red wine tonight – this is a boring Valentine’s day but I’m sure

we are going to be rewarded!! My husband bought me some lovely red roses – so I’m not neglected!!


Stay strong everybody and enjoy the rest of the day/evening.

Tomorrow we are going to be so glad we did not had that chocolate!!

Stress stress

I have had a stressful few days at work but still sticking to the plan 100%

Hopefully it will be better from tomorrow on wards.

The CT heat makes it easy to drink all my water and the hunger is still missing.

Just hope the scale is going to play along next week. I also feel that I am not losing at the moment.

Maybe my body is just taking a double take after the big amount of kg gone!!!

But stay strong everybody and keep your eye on the ball…


A Good Monday

I have also learnt that it is better to keep the socializing to the absolute minimum at the moment.

Although I am nicely in a routine now I must still be on guard not to eat anything “wrong”.

It is soooo easy just to put anything nice in your mouth…. Nothing is as nice as feeling slim!!

If I cheat it is 3 steps forward and 2 back – and that is so difficult to catch up again!!

Stay strong everybody and before we know it – it is weigh day again.



Hi I am Elzebe Uys living in La Rochelle Bellville for the past 19 years. I have a loving husband and one son of 23. I have had my own business for the past 19 years and we manufacture kitchen drawer baskets. I am the owner of CLEVER BASKETS in Stikland Bellville.
I am an outgoing person that love to cook a good meal and to entertain our friends and family.
I am very happy to be on the SLENDER CHALLENGE IX and excited to see the results soon.
I am tired of being very overweight !!


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