Henno Myburgh

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Water, water and more water!

Today will not be a depressing sunday! I will be concentrating on consuming my 3l of water today! No negative thoughts, water!!

Month Done!

Today, a month, made it! lol Went for my weighing and did not lose as much as I wanted, but still lost 3kg! Incredible…a third of the journey done. Another weekend I have to cope with, but definitely better and i’m more focused. Lost alot of cm’s and energy levels beter than first week. Got my eye on 6 weeks!

Weighing tomorrow!

So the second weighing for me tomorrow!! :| Really feels like the last 2 weeks I have not lost as much as the first 2! Almost like i’m standing still! Will have to wait en see tomorrow! Being hopeful! Actually any loss counts, but losing quicker helps a lot!! Enjoy the day!

Sunday 3!

Busy weekend, kept my mind off food! Still difficult not eating what you crave! Would be great to have a beer! 😬 but staying strong! Feels like weight on plato! Few days to next weighing! Keeps you on your toes! Not really tired anymore, feeling healthy!

#Weekend 3!

Oh my Soul! This is the only time I can say i’m happy at work! Weekends test you! Braai op braai op braai! Naweke is definitief moeilik as jy ander mense sien kuier, eet en smile! I get moody! But….they say after 21 days you make or break a habit! Think i’m getting used to small meals! Sal verseker na saterdag weet! Dan tref ons 21 dae!!

Aanhouer wen, this is actually still only the beginning!

Week 3!

O my soul! Days go by so slowly! :) Soos met alles dink ek daar is “ups” en “downs”! Maar deur die “downs” druk! Voel Feeling tired and weak this week! Sure this 2 shall pass! Voel wel anders goed en raak nie meer so honger in die aande nie. Klere definitief losser, dis motivering! Lekr dag julle!

Sunday evenings…

Weekend went well, kept myself busy…got through weekend 2 very well! Sunday evening, I need to make something nice! Happy with progress and not in the mood to mess it up! So far so good! Ready for week 3! Have a great evening guys! Soet wees, niks soets eet! lol

Weighing Today :|

Today is 2 week D-day! Stomach in knots! We shall see… Hoop vir die beste, verwag die ergste!!

Voel goed!

Elke dag raak bietjie beter! Voel glad nie meer so honger soos verlede week nie! Dis amazing! Daar is wel so lus so nou en dan, maar die water blus dit! On we go!

Good Monday!

Today was a good day! I ate when I was supposed to, drank my 3l water and felt good! Bit tired over lunchtime, had lunch and recharged again! Felt strange today, like body coping and mind at ease! Weird! Hope this feeling lasts!

39 year old dentist from west rand! Need to get thin before the big 40! #slenderchallenge


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