Henno Myburgh

Category 20+ KG'S
Position 2 ND
Weight Details
119 KG'S Starting Weight
95 KG'S Goal Weight
95.8 KG'S Current Weight
Challenge Progress
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And so it ends! Welldone all! Thx 2 Body Renewal Team for this amazing journey! You changed me and my life!!

Welldone julle!

Laaste dag, sterkte vandag! Lekr rustig slaap sien julle more!

Happy 10/10 – Tired 0/10 – Hungry 0/10 – Motivated 10/10


Anybody else as nervous as I am?!

Happy 8/10 – Tired 1/10 – Hungry 6/10 – Motivated 9/10

Monday done!

Had a rough busy monday, felt a bit hungry tonight, had to be careful! But now mondays done! Lekr aand almal!

Happy 6/10 – Tired 1/10 – Hungry 4/10 – Motivated 7/10


Halfway through the weekend! Always bit of a struggle when everybody braais, eats and wine! Gotten used to it by now! Last week…amazing! Next weeknd will be here before we know it! Guys have a great weekend and week! See you next weekend!

Happy 7/10 – Tired 1/10 – Hungry 1/10 – Motivated 9/10


A bit sad!

Can’t believe we are only a few days away from final weigh-in! Incredible journey I experienced and feeling a bit sad! I must say I think the hard part is maintaining and that’s a long and difficult journey by itself!

Happy 5/10 – Tired 1/10 – Hungry 1/10 – Motivated 9/10

Weigh-in!! :|

So had my weigh-in this morning! Feeling so much better, lost enough!! yeah! And so the weekend almost starts again! Getting there! very happy with progress! Amazing program! Good luch to all!

Happy 9/10 – Tired 1/10 – Hungry 1/10 – Motivated 9/10

Glad weekends over!

Did I struggle this weekend! To long… Thought it will never end! and all-around people are merry! Well that’s how it goes!! Push through it, I did! Now weigh-week! All the best to all!

Happy 6/10 – Tired 5/10 – Hungry 4/10 – Motivated 7/10

So it’s Easter!

Hi guys, had a slow tired short week! But it’s weekend. Really doing ok! Can actually feel the HCG working. Definitely not as hungry as last 2 weeks! 3 weeks to go, unbelievable. Stay strong! Keep playing. Lekr paasnaweek #sc!

Happy 7/10 – Tired 7/10 – Hungry 3/10 – Motivated 8/10

Rough Monday!

As always Mondays aim to please! Struggled with water today…felt a bit hungry! It’s a phase, lol. Good luck with week guys!

Happy 4/10 – Tired 2/10 – Hungry 7/10 – Motivated 6/10

39 year old dentist from west rand! Need to get thin before the big 40! #slenderchallenge


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