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Wow, what a disappointing weigh-in today.  I have not cheated, been following this diet to the ‘t’ and hardly lost any weight when I got on the scale today.  I feel absolutely deflated.  I actually have no words at the moment, but have to ‘regroup’ and soldier on.

I am away from tomorrow morning to a farm past Underberg, where there is no internet etc, so won’t be able to post again until Monday.  Take care all and keep going.

Have got to focus on the words of this image that I have always used in the past when I hit a ‘block’ – DONT give up – keep going…


Guilty as charged…

Yip, have been guilty of this in the past a lot…  always procrastinating and ‘putting off’ the diet until tomorrow.  Cant be doing that anymore for sure

Quiet after the ‘storm’

Very much needed quiet Monday after the hectic weekend socializing and saying ‘no thanks’ to all the yummy food around me – not always easy but managed to stick to my food plan – doesn’t get easier saying ‘no’ to all the temptations, or does it?

Weekend temptations

Another very difficult weekend with restaurants, braise and general socializing. Feeling very tempted right now as I have cravings for food e.g. chocolate, something which I hardly ever eat…

Aqua aerobics

Fantastic aqua aerobics class this morning…  For anyone that suffers with sport injuries or just injuries in general, I can highly recommend doing aqua aerobics classes.  Burn calories, build up cardio endurance and low impact – great form of exercise

Feeling heavier today?

The first two weeks I could definitely feel that I was losing weight, now this week I am actually feeling heavier?  Too scared to get on the scale…

Valentines Day – no choccies….

Soooo, Happy Valentines Day everyone, hope you are having a great day.

Feeling a bit like I am not losing so much this week and not sure why?  Hopefully it is just a feeling…

New week


After a tough weekend, ready for Monday and what the week has to offer…  good luck for the week everyone, hope that you all have a great SW week…

Weekend thoughts…

Really tough weekend…

Two weekend invites that I bravely accepted have had quite an incredible impact on me… First a braai and second, lunch at a restaurant.  Battled through both managing not to cheat at all but what I did do is sit back and ‘examine’ the food on offer at both, and also how in our general everyday lives, we become so used to make unhealthy food choices all the time.  Have come to think about how few healthy food and drink choices we all make each day, because it’s so easy to succumb to the temptation of all the unhealthy options available…..

Weekend time…

Weighed-in today and not a bad result, ready for the next two weeks…

Sitting mentally preparing for the weekend – braai tomorrow and restaurant lunch on Sunday.  Luckily, can handle the braai by taking what I can eat with me.  Had a look at the menu from the restaurant and there is nothing I can eat so think I need to eat before I go… not going to be great.

Since starting this ‘journey’ I have thought many times how our social lives are all linked around food and drink – how do we change this?  Hopefully through this 3 months we will learn how to best deal with functions and what is going to be safe options going forward after the diet…

Have a great weekend all


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