Jackie Houston

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Position 21 ST
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70.2 KG'S Starting Weight
60 KG'S Goal Weight
59 KG'S Current Weight
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Thank you

Thank you to Skin Renewal for this incredible opportunity and for the support over the past three months. Thank you also for the wonderful prize.  Well done to all the winners.

I have learnt a lot about myself throughout the process, and have also really enjoyed experiencing this with you all. And now it is important to continue and to ‘maintain’ and not to slide back into ‘what was’….

Thank you

what an amazing journey this has been…. well done to everyone for their commitment to the ‘process’ and thanks for all the support along the way.   Thank you to Skin Renewal for this opportunity – have really appreciated this opportunity

Only three more sleeps…

When I sit and think about this past three months, I really can’t believe that it has gone past so quickly.  In the beginning of the challenge it didn’t feel as if it was going that fast, but now, looking back, I can’t believe the three months is nearly up.  Looking forward to learning about the stabilization and maintenance phases on Saturday, so as to ensure that I can keep this up in some way and not slip back into ‘the old way’….

Thank you…

Wow, really seems unreal that 3 months has gone past so quickly….  This has been an incredible journey of self-discovery and commitment and learning…  Thank you to all of you for your constant support and motivation, and also to the nurses for their input, and also to Skin Renewal for offering us this amazing challenge.

I am looking very forward to see all the results after the next weigh-in – let’s make these last few days count…

Impressive results…

Wow, well done to everyone on their fantastic results – really awesome to see and to have been a part of this…  Last weekend before the ‘end of this road’….  think the maintenance is going to be very important though.

Me thinks that we will be having a lot of pics next weekend with clothes fitting very much like the model and not like this pic….  have a great weekend everyone

Nearly there…

Had another weigh-in today and was quite pleased with the result.  Only two more weeks peeps, lets make these two weeks count.

Although I am nearly at my goal weight, which is very exciting for me, I feel as if I still have a long way to go in terms of maintaining this going forward, over the long term.  I do have to acknowledge, as I am sure that we all do, that we are all already very far from where we used to be, and for that, we should all be very proud.

Have a great weekend everyone xx

Business opportunity??

I would definitely support a green smoothie drive-through – pity no-one has thought of a healthy drive-through option….

NOOOOOO to the easter bunny….

Every shop I go into at the moment has wonderful displays of yummy-looking easter eggs – can’t now give in to this huge temptation and eat any easter eggs….  I am away from today for the easter weekend so will blog again when I am back.  Hope that you all have a great temptation-free weekend

Self-sabotage blog 2…

Further to what I posted yesterday, and after reading a lot of the blogs throughout this process, I think we all face the ‘challenge’ which is a daily occurence, where its not so much about challenging others but more about challenging ourselves.  The challenge is NOT to give in to temptation or to be swayed in another direction, but rather to keep our focus.  We so easily self-sabotage ourselves or give in to temptations and often offer reasons to motivate our ‘negative’ decisions, instead of doing the ‘work’ to remain true to exactly what it is that we really want…

Note to self – be someone who MAKES IT HAPPEN for yourself….


This challenge has certainly got me to do some thinking about what it is I want for my life.  Its amazing to me how we often sometimes get in  our own way, and some do it over and over again, whether its for example, drinking, over-eating or procrastinating.  This behavior generally is a result of misguided attempts to ‘rescue’ ourselves from our own negative self-perception, and self-doubt.  Sometimes we do it to ‘not feel’ the emotions – comfort eating I think could be an example of this, and I know I have been guilty of this at times.  Self-sabotage is basically understanding what we want, and then go about making sure that it doesn’t happen – go figure!!!

I have recently been reading about self-sabotage and it was explained that it isn’t an act, but rather a process, and whist we all make mistakes, a true self-saboteur will carry on trying to correct the mistakes by top-loading them with other bad decisions.  Hmmmm, guilty as charged sometimes….

Very critical going forward, to remain successful in this healthy food journey, is to continuously be on top of my emotions and my feelings, and be able to identify what the triggers are and how to prevent them from allowing the self-sabotage process to continue….

Note to self for the future…


I am married with two adult children.  I enjoy painting in oils and love walking in the early mornings.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and lipidema about 4-5 years ago and have battled with my weight ever since.

Looking forward to this ‘journey’ and to see if this diet can help me…


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