Jaco Wesseloo

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111.9 KG'S Starting Weight
90 KG'S Goal Weight
107.9 KG'S Current Weight
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week 4 dag 5

Hot and busy day today

Got my 3 l water down today….


week 4 day 4

Keeping busy get me not to think about the diet to much.

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit – so this should by now be a habit or is it?


week 4 day 3

Feels like the weeks are getting longer and longer.

Getting a bit tired of the same food week in and out.

Cant wait for that T-BONE on of these days.


Week 4 day 1

All good today – Still busy with my 3rd lt of water for the day….going strong.


Week 4 – lets go for it!!!!!

Ready steady GO!!!!

Cape Diem! I’m ready for what the week hold for me!

Weekend – Saturday

Rugby + Biltong and Brandy – not the same with Water + Fruit + Water.

maar nie meer lank nie –

almost 1/4 down – and counting

friday –

What a difficult day – lost some focus and motivation.

Lets hope the weekend is better.

week 3 day 4

A normal day today….hot, busy, but at least had my 3 lt of water….

week 3 -Wednesday

What a hectic day.

Did not get to 3 lt of water today.

lets see what Thursday has install for us.

Week 3 – Rainy tuesday

Had a headache of note today.

Coke Zero and the thunder and lightning came to my rescue this afternoon.

lets see what ”klein Saterdag” has in stall for us tomorrow.


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