Jaco Wesseloo

Category 20+ KG'S
Position 1 ST
Weight Details
111.9 KG'S Starting Weight
90 KG'S Goal Weight
102.5 KG'S Current Weight
Challenge Progress
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rustige woensdag.

Almost done with the washout phase ¬†– would like to see what the next chapter holds ….

focus – drink lots of water and – kick old habits for good


week 8 day 2

focussed – regrouped and ready to kick the remaining weeks on its be-hind…..

need to get to that target¬†…. (even if its is a moving target)

new week – new goals

lost some momentum the last couple of days.

need to re-group and get 100% back on track….

Monday – Positive one

having a good feeling about tomorrow.

not for the weigh in tomorrow – but to see the total entimetres loss.

Sunday – new week – new challanges

New week – new challenges – lets see what this week hold for us…..pretty exiting

week 6 – almost at an end

almost half way –

I’m getting back into the swing of things again

down hill from hear….


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