Karen Muller

Category 0-10 KG'S
Position 5 TH
Weight Details
126.5 KG'S Starting Weight
98 KG'S Goal Weight
120.5 KG'S Current Weight
Challenge Progress
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Lazy Sunday

Made the best of the cooler weather by sleeping late and catching up on reading. Hubby made a nice chicken curry and I had it with caulirice. Leftovers are lunch tmrw 😛 Boiled egg  for dinner although I’m not feeling hungry! Looking forward to weigh in on Tuesday as I can definitely feel my pants are no as tight fitting as a few weeks ago!

Time flies

How time is flying – another week gone and I can’t believe we have almost completed a third of our challenge. Clothes are definitely feeling looser and I’m feeling satisfied with the size of my meals although I still have the odd craving for a bite of chocolate😔 Feel like I need a boost for week 5 to kickstart the loss as I’m losing slower now than I did in week 1-2!

Positive thoughts

Seeing so many others disappointed with their loss in week 4 I’m feeling a bit better about my scale not moving too much either! The change in lifestyle has to give results at some point so really think we just need to keep going and we will soon see that drop in numbers. I have another 5 days before weigh in so gonna be super strict until then.  I’m already feeling less bloated and my clothes fit better.

Tough day

Attended a conference today and they had the most delicious buffet lunch – I tried my best to stick to the plan but my portion might have been a tad bigger than normal as it all looked so good! Oh well back to basics tomorrow and not going to let one meal stop me in my tracks! One week to weigh in😳

Sunday motivation

hang in there ladies – we can do this! I went searching for a decent scale but wouldn’t find one as I’m tired of my scale showing 3 different weights every time I get onto it! Let me know if you are using a reliable  and where you bought it! Holding out for some peri peri chicken on the braai tonight with some salad.

Hello weekend

After a tough week at work I could really do with a Jack on the rocks tonight but will have some ice tea instead! The scale is still not giving me any good news but I’m hanging in there as the next weigh in feels really close! I need a break from work but I feel I’m more distracted when I’m at home and constantly thinking about food! 10 days to the next weigh in – let’s do this🏋

Thai dinner

Feeling a bit bored with the same menu options and because I love Thai food I decided to try and make a Thai chicken and veg soup for dinner. It came out better than expected – shallots, spring onion, cabbage, spinach and chicken with some spices and chilli and lime, water and stock. Another week almost done and weekend no 3 ahead of us – hoping it’s a craving free one!

Weigh day!

A pleasing result for 2 weeks – happy about every kg I’m getting closer to my goal. Holding thumbs for similar good results in the next 2 weeks then I will be so motivated – the hardest part is sticking to a plan when you can’t see the results on your scale! Ive given myself smaller goals for every month so I can see the progress and celebrate the small successes along the way🎉

Week 3

Starting week 3 with a bit of apprehension as my scale seems stuck – hoping this is just a small obstacle and that a week of dedication will see some movement again after 2 good weeks? Nothing like being stuck on the same weight to affect your mood! But I will persevere as this is only the start of a great journey and I’m sure to see long term results. Looking forward to weigh in tomorrow to get the first notch in my belt😉

Weekend 2

Made it through another weekend and managed quite well! Went out for dinner last night and had chicken and veg, but ended up with diarrhea so maybe my tummy doesn’t like restaurant food any more – hope this doesn’t affect my progress. Today back to homemade meals and all went well – even managed a 2km walk with the dog 🐶 Weekends are definitely tougher but I have convinced myself that the sacrifice is needed to fit into my skinny clothes again and feel better about myself. I can do this!


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