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98 KG'S Goal Weight
112.7 KG'S Current Weight
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Wow to all the great results – most people had amazing results – just more proof that the plan works and for those who still have some weight to shed this should be our motivation to carry on losing! I’m looking forward to our last week and seeing everyone’s before and after pics when we are done.

Good day

Had a good weigh in even after a horrible week last week with my tummy bug so feeling so motivated to tackle the last 2 weeks. I am super happy with my loss even if I’m not close to the biggest losers and I am definitely carrying on my weight loss journey! So grateful for the support and motivation I got over the last 10 weeks and Esme has been so great even on the not so good weigh days  – she encouraged me to keep going and I really need to thank her and everyone who kept the blog alive on those days we all felt like giving up!

Goal posts

As we get closer to our final weigh in I’m very aware of the fact that I am only starting my weight loss journey. I am however not feeling like I’m on diet any more – I feel like I have made lifestyle changes and will carry on doing what I’m doing after the challenge. I want to lose at least another 15 kg by September when I go overseas on a beach holiday so I have a goal! Didn’t have a great week with an upset tummy lasting a week. The doctor has given me meds on Thursday to flush any bacterial infection I might have had and feeling a lot better after that. Positive and ready for the last 2 weeks.

Not a great weekend

My Easter weekend started with stomach cramps and a runny tummy during Thursday night and the upset tummy has not subsided since then. Its been hard going out and eating as Ihad to plan all my meals around my activities and didn’t want to risk eating when I was going eat so pretty much 3 days were messed up. Today was sort of back to normal with meal planning, but still running to the lop every few hours. Back to work tomorrow so holding thumbs I can shake this bug by then. Pity the scale is not showing the expected loss 😔

Mixed blessings

So glad its weekend and looking forward to a relaxed and quiet time. Always harder to avoid temptation on a weekend and especially with all the Easter chocolate around, but going to make sure I avoid those aisles this weekend! Hope everyone has a good long weekend🌸

Behind the bunch

feeling a bit alarmed that I seem to be behind everyone else as I started the washout period a few days late and I won’t have done a full 2 weeks on washout and now starting the 4 weeks later than the others as well. Im only weighing on Tuesday and then that means I only start injecting Wednesday? Most people started on Saturday so that’s almost a week behind? Will have to put in extra effort to make up in the last 4 weeks as I feel the 2 weeks hasn’t been great in term so far loss. Went for a long walk today and hoping to up the excercise anti for the next few weeks and there after. This competition has made me so aware of my food choices and portion sizes and I’m planning on sticking to this as I need to lose another 20+ kilos!

Lazy day

Feeling so relaxed after 2 days of travels. Can get myself back into my regular routine for the rest of the program and excited to take on round 2 with renewed energy! Let’s make this happen 💪🏼

Challenging week

never thought I would wish for boring weeks and weekends but it’s so much harder to follow the plan when u have a busy social life and travel for work! I had a spa day with a friend this weekend and even though I tried to make the right food choices it is not that easy to get the portion sizes right! Tomorrow I’m off to JHB again for 2 days so more temptations await! After this I don’t have travel until the end of the challenge so can’t wait for normality so I can stick 100% to the plan. I really want to have a good loss for the rest of the challenge. Want to make the best of the support we are getting and don’t want to disappoint the organizers as well as myself.


Received the new eating plan and very excited for some variety –  never been so excited about strawberries, pawpaw, carrots and oats before! Must say I’m over broccoli for a while😛 Weighing in late this week as I couldn’t make it yesterday so feeling excited and nervous as usual! Thanks to everyone for the inspiration over the first 6 weeks – this is the longest I have stuck to a plan in years and the daily blog posts helped me get through the difficult days. Good luck to everyone for the next 2 weeks!

Sunday runs

not having a great day – started with an upset tummy last night and still struggling! Have taken a few Imodiums and feeling bloated now. Hope it clears soon – can’t wait to see the new plan as I haven’t weighed yet and everyone else seem very excited 👏🏻😊

Hitting the big 50 this year and really want to lose some weight before my birthday. I have been struggling with my weight for most of my life and it’s been an up and down struggle. I’m hoping this programme will give me the kick-start I need to make a change to my lifestyle and eating habits so I can live healthier and improve my self-confidence again.


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