lara Bragge

Category 0-10 KG'S
Position 22 ND
Weight Details
68.8 KG'S Starting Weight
60 KG'S Goal Weight
61 KG'S Current Weight
Challenge Progress
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End is Near

Last day before the final weigh in. Can’t believe its been 3 months. I couldn’t have lost what i needed to without this challenge. Thanks again to Skin Renewal for this amazing opportunity.

Journey close, close

It is hard to believe that I have been on this diet for almost 3 months. What is set in my mind, for sure, is a new way to look at food and health. I also realised just how much the average person eats without thinking. It feels good to make new good habits.

The journey nearing its end

As we come through our last couple days. I want to thank Skin renewal for their support and this opportunity. More difficult at times but a total head change on diet and food. 4 more days to go

looking forward to final

My daughter left for a year overseas, Just when I think I’m all cried out, some one mentions her name. Food is not on my mind. I look forward to the final

Monday Migraine

other than a headache for two days now, I’d say I’m doing ok, last two weeks. My last weigh in was not great but intend on making up for that.

Working toward weigh in

2 days to go until weigh in. Trying to re-focus on the challenge.


Firstly I apologise on my lack of blogs. I have been dealing with an unexpected family problem. I have been struggling mentally and emotionally this last two weeks but I look forward to weigh in Friday

Nervous for Weigh in

Although I’m nervous for the weigh in, I look forward to my last 4 weeks of dropping weight. Cold weather definitely brings on an appetite. I keep reminding myself its a head thing not a real hunger.

Feels Like a Saturday

This week has been an awesome week of work and training. I haven’t had time to worry about the diet and think about food all that much, which is a bonus. Looking forward to weigh in and the following 4 weeks of diet

hectic busy

We had end of year 2016 Company awards, been trying to squash all appointments in as well. All good, just forgot to post.I’m not sure I lost any weight during our ‘wash out’ period but certainly had more energy. Looking forward to starting the last 4 weeks loss

I’m a Real Estate Agent and I’m all about health and Fitness. Aspiring for perfection in both


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