lara Bragge

Category 0-10 KG'S
Position 20 TH
Weight Details
68.8 KG'S Starting Weight
60 KG'S Goal Weight
64.9 KG'S Current Weight
Challenge Progress
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2nd Weigh in

I happy to say my weigh in was good and I’m on track, no cheating. However, I am disappointed with a couple patronizing aspects by the organisers. Taking in account this has become not only a big lifestyle change, it is also a very hard challenge and more support would be welcome.

Extremely Tough evenings

I’m looking forward to Friday weigh in. I hope these past two weeks have been worth it. I believe my body metabolism is adjusting and over the next two months, I can start to stablize. By evening time, I am really hungry and all my cravings which are mental start to torment me but I appreciate the support and encouragement.

Harder then I thought

I am losing the weight and that makes it all worthwhile. However, I think this is one of the hardest challenges I have taken on to date and that is saying a lot. It may be “wanting what I cant have…in the food” …….or that  I’m that “instant gratification” character. This challenge is not for the light hearted, it is hard work. Today I felt like I was losing my mind I was so hungry! I have to admit, I have not gotten very creative with my diet, I have kept it clean simple and rather repetitive and I have not cheated. BUT today was very close to throwing in the towel. Then I remembered the things in life that are worth something are not always the easiest. I want to reach my target weight and will continue in this challenge with everything I have. Hang-in fellow challenges this is worth it. We do this for ourselves. I am thankful for this opportunity and looking forward to final results.

Feeling Good

3rd week in and feeling good in my clothes again. Its been harder than I imagined but now that I’m starting to see results I feel like its all worthwhile.

It’s Working

I am feeling amazing, The ‘weigh-in’ brought the results expected. I am more motivated then ever. I appreciate all the support from team Parkhurst and all their encouragement. Even feeling a lot healthier. So excited to continue and see final results,

Nervous for Weigh in tomorrow

I’m excited and nervous for my weigh in tomorrow. Its been a challenging 10 days. My energy levels are starting to come back, no more headaches. Cooking skills are improving.Looking forward to fitting into my skinny jeans again.

First 10 days have flown by

I cant believe it’s been 10 days, the headaches have eased off and I’m even enjoying the food I’m preparing. Today I had a real slump in energy around 12pm but pushed through. Hoping my energy levels pick up as my body gets use to the calorie intake.

Feeling Positive

Getting used to my new diet. Starting to experiment with different meals. Getting the 3 litres down quite easily now.Looking forward to Friday weigh in.

day 5 – High 5

Today has been my hungriest day so far. I’ve been strict but the best way to stay that way now would be to go to bed. Happy the headaches and nausea are over, First week weigh in, one more week to go, Taking this day by day

Battling Through

Appreciating every little bit of nutrition. Getting accustomed to meals and supplements. Looking forward to seeing results.

I’m a Real Estate Agent and I’m all about health and Fitness. Aspiring for perfection in both


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