Leon Le Grange

Category 20+ KG'S
Position 1 ST
Weight Details
127 KG'S Starting Weight
90 KG'S Goal Weight
118.7 KG'S Current Weight
Challenge Progress
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First Congratulations to all of you ….you did well and for the Men you all did very well….Thanks for this challange…although i couldn’t make it today this challenge changed my life and I lost enough to realise that its Good to have a healthy lifestyle….Thank you Slender challenge……baybe next time I’ll go end out…..Keep the weight doen

Got my new wheels also Today


Hi just want to say I’m still here just very busy with clients….I’m not losing as in the beginning..but its difficult when you are in the bush hunting nearly everyday from early till very late….so I’m not eating according the plan but I try to do the best with what is available….I’m very grateful for this challange…I really did learned alot along the way….I will try to blog again but I’m leaving again tomorrow for the second bunch of Hunters.
But I will see you all the 21st….Good luck everyone


As I start on the injection again I also feel hungry….and I’m so bussy at work.Im working this whole long weekend…It’s weigh day Friday again….and I don’t know what to do.Im hunting from Wednesday on until the next week before the final weight….I see some of you struggle a bit. You must just keep focusing. Well let me go back to work people waiting for me to take them on a night gamedrive.See you all at the final again.

Monday after weighing!!

Morning everyone
The weightloss is still going good I think.I think with the injection it will pick up again. I’m focused for the last round.Keep loosing!!
Have nice day!!

The Last 4 weeks ahead

I just want to know what this last phase holding for us? do we Get again pills shake and injections?
and the food back to the beginning?


Hey you all.we’ll I’m doing ok so between work and hunting.this washout was a spoil.now Monday back to injection again…
I didn’t get to the dr their just wasn’t time
hope it would not be a problem
Strongs everyone and keep it up!!

Then its Monday……

Still on track.Had a rough weekend but I’m back in the sadle. Life goes on…….hope to lose some weight. Didn’t get to the dr yet hopefully this week for blood tests to be done….keep well every one and appreciate life doesn’t matter if gets bad …..#fresh

At home at last!!!

Washout is good.I don’t eat mushrooms but enjoy the carrots and green beans and of course the ekstra protein.that’s my biggest struggle . Hope I can get to the dr for the blood tests as recommended by the dr.Still doing my best.
keep going and all the best

Help received!!

Thanks Kayleigh Ann Scot for helping me get my blog back on track
I appreciate that…

Sos!!!! troubleshooting

Sorry my blog was a mess…..no wifi for almost a month….I was hunting…the last 3 weeks….got a new phone yesterday ..lost my password…..so ya not so good….I’m still doing the challenge…must go for blood tests according the dr ……still have to that….I’m just so busy on the farm…..I started with washout today….”lekke”Love the new food….and start to like the diet and getting use to less eating….lekke julle #Fresh

  1. Ek is Leon is n Profesionele jagter in die Limpopo area.

Ek is n avontuurlustige.

My doel met die uitdaging is om te voldoen aan gewigs verlies.


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