Leon Le Grange

Category 20+ KG'S
Position 1 ST
Weight Details
127 KG'S Starting Weight
90 KG'S Goal Weight
119.4 KG'S Current Weight
Challenge Progress
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Baie trots op my self nou net nog hard werk die volgende paar weke en dan is als reg…sien uit.daar na..sterke almal…hoop dit gaan wel.


Day 2 of week 2….good moring to all hope all is well im still going strong and feels gr8…have a nice day every one.

Week nr 2

We made it in week one now its alredy week 2 and still going strong.i feel gr8.
Hope yall feels good and stay motivated.


Got my lunch done it was lekke…feeling good now agen.
Kidny pain is little bit gone.


Had a nice dinner…now im feeling gr8.


Still strong….but its hard….but movin on!!

Another day

Just another day….bit hungry but stil goin strong…enjoy everyone!!


11o clock i had a Appel took som watwr with it.
And now prepairing my lunch some chiken and tomato.


Shake done…and im redy for the day strong as a ox!!haha lol have a nice day every one!!

Injection time

3ed injection done….movin on!!

  1. Ek is Leon is n Profesionele jagter in die Limpopo area.

Ek is n avontuurlustige.

My doel met die uitdaging is om te voldoen aan gewigs verlies.


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