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Weighted – Poem

Today i would like to share a poem i enjoyed reading.

I knew I wanted to step on the scale
But my mind was screaming “don’t”
Because that number only tells you
How much gravity is pushing down on you
Not how much you’re worth

I stared at the wall
As my bare feet touched the cold surface
For once, I was strong and didn’t want to see
A number that would break down
The very small wall of self esteem
I have been trying so hard to build

I prayed I would see nothing
Higher than a 4
Or else my day would be done for
I looked to the spot between my feet
As though I was looking into a crystal ball

And surprisingly, I liked what I saw

what makes a women attractive

I often wonder what makes a women attractive, is it her body having all the right curves in the right places.

I have noticed confident women are attractive despite the shape and size of their bodies.

Research was done and most man said they found woman with a high self esteem beautiful.

As women we are sometimes hard on ourselves and social media doesn’t help  as all we see are women with hour glass figures and if you look any different you feel insecure.

Lets be positive and find parts of our bodies that we love.

remember we are all different embrass it



Learning to accept the new me

I had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that the access weight was not melting away. I went into 3 stages of reaction .

1. Depression

I would lock myself in the house because I had low self esteem and was embarrassed by the way I looked.

2. Defensive

I would be so quick to let people know how happy I am in my new body body but it was all a lie. I would make jokes about myself before anyone said something about my weight.

3. Acceptance

Now I am ok with the way I look and I am reading a lot and looking for ways to help me reach my weight goal and I feel Skin renewal based on the testimonials will be the best starting point.

The Second time was not a charm.

After my first pregnancy 6 years ago I lost all my baby weight so quick without even having to be on a serious diet. I was so excited, I surely was a yummy mummy lol.

When I got pregnant the second time and weighed 100kgs at the peak of my pregnancy I was not really worried as I assumed just like the first time i  would lose weight easilybut that was not the case. My  son is now 22 months and I am not close to my weight goal.

I have tried various diets and drinking lots of water and sometimes I feel like am making progress then before I know it the weight piles on.

I am tired of yoyo diets. I am looking forward to being in a program with lasting  effects.


So this is my first time writing a blog. Firstly let me start by th a thanking Skin Renewal for this platform.  I have so much to share like how I went from hot to not after I had my son 22 months ago. In the coming days I will be posting about the challenges I went through  ( still going through)emotionally and physically trying to lose weight. January is always the best time to set new goals in motion. I personally feel excited to be in charge of creating an image of myself that I can be confident and proud of and I am sure Skin Renewal can assist me reach my body weight  goals


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