Marc Bester

Category 20+ KG'S
Position 4 TH
Weight Details
117 KG'S Starting Weight
95 KG'S Goal Weight
97.5 KG'S Current Weight
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New week

Why are the weekends so hard….

Made it through unscathed…. time to prep for another week.


Week 2 done

Week 2 done. Preping for the week to come.

I’m very excited about my progress, but still feeling hungry, but seeing the numbers on the scale drop is good motivation.



2nd Week

The weekend was tough, but things are getting easier.

Went to friends for dinner and was expecting a hard time for bringing my own food, but everyone was surprisingly supportive.

Cloths are feeling a little looser which is exciting.


Week 1

What a week, thank goodness it’s behind me. I’ve been lucky not have had suffered from headaches or much moodiness (although my wife may disagree), I unfortunately haven’t been exempt from the occasional hunger pain but i suppose that’s all part of the process.

Today we spent the morning shopping and prepping for the coming week. I’m hoping things will start getting g easier as my stomach adjusts and stops shouting at me to feed it.

Day 3

Found today quite tough. Watching Master Chef didn’t help.

Drinking lots of water.


Dinner was good, lemon juice on the chicken is quite tasty. Just battling with the portion sizes.


42 year old Durbanite, in 2012 was involved in a scooter accident in Thailand where i broke my spine. I spent the next year learning to walk again and so began my battle with my weight.


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