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What to do?

Good afternoon all.

So now on our washout period, we are allowed to have some oats as our carbs.

What lovely suggestions do you have with your oats?

Thank you :)


Sooo ek sukkel soo bietjie. Werk weg in Bloemfontein die week en n mens se kop speel so bietjie met jou. Ek probeer maar sterk staan maar is nogals moeilik .

Enige Raad?


OMW, I never thought I would ever say this: but I really love my green beans.

I smash my green beans and add my beef strips to it with salt and pepper so I imagine that it is like my grannies that she usually makes with onions, green beans, potato and bacon all smashed together.

Hope you are all enjoying our variety of ingredients that were added.



Did someone say…

Did someone say...

I love adding grated carrot to my salad!! Something new to our normal green salad


Motivation for this weigh in

Washout period!

Yeah, I’m so happy this washout came at the best time ever. We are going away to Bloemfontein for work this week, so when we go for dinner with our clients I can get a variety of vegs and fruits :)

Hope everyone was happy with their weigh in


So we have this thing at work – every Friday someone has to buy cupcakes or cake or cookies just so that we can kick off the weekend.

Every Friday my co-workers try to get me to eat one ( because we had a deal ) if I don’t cheat I don’t have to buy treats on Fridays.

So this week is my turn…. everyone gets an APPLE :)


Shout Out to BedfordView

Was vir my 3de in weeg by Bedfordview , wil net baie dankie se vir Dr Lily wat uitstekende raad gegee het oor die dieet.

Baie Motiveering van PA Anika Bosch ook sy is n regte rots wat ons almal ondersteun 

Missing my coffee

I must say one of the things I’m really missing on this diet is my coffee with milk. I’ve tried using Xylitol in my coffee but it gives me stomach cramps, Nurse Angela suggested either stevia or the Orange Canderal.

The rest of our food choice is not that bad. I have one or 2 favourite dishes that I’m sticking to.

I just want to thank the contestants that constantly shares the awesome recipes and tips.

99″ 🌸🌼

And those who were dancing

were thought to be insane by those

who could not hear the music ❤🎶


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