Mats Mfeka

Category 10-20 KG'S
Position 19 TH
Weight Details
95.3 KG'S Starting Weight
75.3 KG'S Goal Weight
82.8 KG'S Current Weight
Challenge Progress
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Nostalia setting in

I’m going to  miss this challenge.  Waking up to rush to the scale, the injection, the supplements ……the protein shake you name it.  I enjoyed being challenged in a manner I have never been challenged before.  I celebrate every 0.1kg I lost along the way.  I feel really good.  I’m not where I intended to be but I damn well am far from where I started.  Now that is one major achievement.  THANK YOU THANK YOU Xmillion!!!!!!

Bathroom scale love affair

I fall in love with my bathroom scale every time it moves an inch. Our row starts when it parks in one parking lot until  the meter expires. Then I call on traffic cops. Fortunately all the tickets are paid. Wink wink

330.60 group weight loss

Congratulations all Challengers.!


I’m so not ready for the weigh-in tomorrow!!!! OOOhhhhhh

Do numbers really count?

I’m getting oohhs and aaahhs to my weight loss but the numbers dont really correlate to that.  So I ask myself…do numbers always reflect the weight loss?  Maybe they do.  I haven’t lost much comparatively speaking but in my book I’ve lost a lot because I couldn’t have done it on my own.

Monday blues!

Just got an email; my weigh-in has been moved to Wednesday.  I was scheduled for Friday and I thought I still have a week to lose some.  I’m worried now.  Oh dear

Last Lap

For some strange reason, I’m finding this last lap much easier to navigate. I’ve mastered the art of injecting myself, I now enjoy preparing different meals in my home, I love snack time etc. I just hope I dont enjoy too much and miss the point i.e. losing weight  hahahahahahahaha

Autumn sun

What a pleasure! Back to injection!

Cold rainy weekend

Ooooohhhhhh this weather is begging for comfort FOOD! Just as we enter the last stretch. I keep repeating Oprah Winfrey “Nothing tastes better than slim feels” Good luck you’all.

Human Rights Day tomorrow

Challengers, our right is to be lighter, stronger, healthier and happier.  I’m currently not healthier, strong bout of flu.  Haven’t had one of these in years.  Sore to the bone.  It will pass.  Enjoy your Human Rights Day tomorrow almal!

  • Excited 2018 contestant. I love life and can’t wait to enjoy it fully in a lighter, easy to carry body!

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