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My profile has just disappeared from the contestants.  What has happened?????


  • My friends thought after today’s weigh-in I can now go on a rampage. How awfully wrong.

3days early weigh-in

Went for weigh-in today. I lost 2kg. I was feeling so miserable. Many thanks go to my group for the encouragements. Dr. Maricia said I’d done well but I just felt she was being kind, empathetic and considerate, until DeeBee sent me something to read from Danielle. I feel so much better now. I’m putting that 2kg as my benchmark, to try and never go below that as my body acclimatises to using its own resources. The battle is REAL!

Slow pace

I think I only lost 2kg since my weigh-in last Friday. I’m going in on Wednesday next week ooooohhhhhh! It’s just going so slow this week. Anyway 2 is better than nothing. Hanging on in there.

Valentines Day Present

My present was delivered in my lounge around 22h45 when I watched television!!!!!!!!!!! It was the best present in ten years.  I’m so hopeful and looking forward to my slimmer, lighter self enjoying my country to its fullest.  Have a wonderfully hopeful day all!

Service excellence

Service excellence is so rare in our country that, when I experience it, I’m bound to talk about it. Skin Renewal West Rand branch just WOWs me every time I interact with them. This week I had to change an already confirmed appointment. The ease with which Yolande’ made me feel I’m not a nuisance is just so refreshing.  Emails are responded to, promptly. This just completes my day on a very high note.


I felt so bloated this morning but it has eased down. Terrible feeling that. I started questioning everything I’ve eaten so far. Back guzzling water.

Afternoon weigh-in

I’m labouring under the assumption that I am heavier in the afternoon.  I’m a bit concerned that my next weigh-in is in the afternoon.  Am I deluded or what?

Monday blues

Wishing everyone a great Monday!  Mine started well and I hope the week follows suit.  I now feel full from the prescribed diet and I love it.  Hunger pangs are gone.  Actually it seems as though I eat too often.  My major downfall was the fact that I never made time for eating during the day and ended up gorging on anything in my busy schedule.  This included eating oily platters at meetings.  This is my new eating lifestyle.  I think Im hooked.

  • Excited 2018 contestant. I love life and can’t wait to enjoy it fully in a lighter, easy to carry body!

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