Michelle Selipsky

Category 0-10 KG'S
Position 24 TH
Weight Details
96.4 KG'S Starting Weight
76.4 KG'S Goal Weight
93.2 KG'S Current Weight
Challenge Progress
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Super charged sunday

Feeling positive about this week 😀good luck to all xxx

Dreaded weigh day

So I feel all bloated and pms and I feel like an elephant on cortisone topped with the minimal weightloss the last two weeks is not encouraging anywho just need to refocus for the next leg

Trying to be positive

Despite the scale not giving me the desired results this week i am trying to remain positive and I definately need a booster for some energy

Weigh day approaching

I am frustrated with the scale not moving much at all in the past two weeks.  But alas well try again

Slow week

So my weight has been pretty much the same for the last two weeks sigh a bit of a downer.

Mental monday

Crazy days at the office!!  But not  bad.  Making chicken and Brocoli for dinner

Superb Saturday

So something happened last night as when I got on the scale this morning I was down was starting to feel like my efforts this past week were in vein.

Weight staying the same

So I don’t seem to hav3 lost any more weight since the weekend 😭😭😢😢


Another tough day but trying to get through.  Tomorrow is another day

Chews day

What a long day but I managed to survive it with out my stomach feeling like my throat as slit lol. Looking up!


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