Michelle Selipsky

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92.9 KG'S Current Weight
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Wacky wednesday

Busy week saving the world as I go feeling good loving my fat free milk in my coffee amen!


Hope you all are well?

Move it monday

In the wash out faze day one klapped my 3l water.

Nice steak with salad for dins.


Now sleep

Feeeling meh

Post nasal drip got me seeing.bleak sinus and low energy been a bad two days.  Weightloss not much but trying to be positive.

Hows everyone doing?

So wandering how everyone has been doing with the weightloss.  Has anyone cheated?


Mine has been slow I ate a yogurt and apple an orange and two meat balls with cauli mash weightloss still slow senna tea made my stomach work like the teewater dam in 1999 lol very pleasant tea…

Slow monday

So today dragged struggles with water intake today.  Trying hard to keep focussed. Made some savory mince and squash for dinner.  Feeling positive despite the last two and a bit weeks of very little weightloss

Feeling positive

Ready to face this week!! Hope you all have a good one.


This week has left me feeling tired feeling starving so I guess it’s time to cool some dinner

Hump day

Feeling positive and energised ready for the rest of the week.  Hope everyone else is doing ok

Itchy injection

So the last few days my tummy itches where I inject anyone else have that symptom.

Super charged sunday

Feeling positive about this week 😀good luck to all xxx


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