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The sense I am getting from a lot of the posts is that everyone’s weight loss seems to have slowed down this week.  Weigh Day for me on Saturday.  I know I have dropped a little, the truth shall be in the scale I suppose.  As far as how I am feeling – I think the excitement of the first couple of weeks is waning.  I am still positive, still keeping on track as best as possible, but at the moment I just feel like it’s just one day running into the next.  It has become a bit of a grind.  Perhaps feeling a little more pepped up today, only because I am nervous for Saturday’s weigh in.  Let’s all stay positive Peeps!  This journey can only be good for us!


I had a bit of an ah ha moment yesterday.  Realised I haven’t had reflux (and I was getting it pretty bad at one stage) since the start of this challange!!  Even the odd cheat hasn’t given it too me!  Clearly my body is now telling me something!!  Stay Healthy!!


So yesterday took my first longish cycle since getting back into training for the CT Cycle Tour. Only 65km’s. Not far in some people’s books. Normally I would have a banana before and some wine gums or jelly babies for along the way. We also usually stop half way and eat something light like a scone with jam and cheese (not) and I will have a cupachino with 1 sugar. This gives me enough energy and it doesn’t actually sound like a lot.

Yesterday I started with all good intentions. Drank my shake before leaving and took 2 provita to eat half way if needed.

OH MY HAT! One of the most difficult rides I have ever had! I had the stamina. Heart rate was fine. Rode from Tokai and I was HUNGRY by Fishhoek already. And my legs! They gave in BEFORE half way! stopped 500m before the top of smitswinkel. Thought stuff this! Sat and ate my provitas and looked at the view. Luckily going back is downhill. But there are a few little hills after. It took every inch of me just to keep my legs turning. sometimes was as slow as 6km/hour on an average hill. I could have walked! Got to the end I realised I actually felt a bit ill. They had coffee. I had a half a cup WITH MILK AND A BIT OF SUGAR! I still then had to ride another 3,5km to get home. slowest flat ride ever!  Devoured a peach when I got home. But it didn’ feel enough. I felt like I needed protein! I ended up healthy frying up some onion with my 100g mince PLUS 2 whole eggs. Only then did I feel much better! Then slept. went to visit my aunt later. They had little cakes and biscuits. Ai! Succumbed to a small slice of botterbrood koek! (shortbread)

I do think…and I might be wrong… that I normally have easy available energy in my body from what I eat. Now that I only eat enough probably to survive. The only extra energy comes from my fat! But that doesn’t break down as quickly as food. I think that’s why my legs gave in. Nothing available in the tank!

Riding 110km Durbanville race next Sunday. Going to have to rethink this if I just want to finish!!


Ok! So I know you should not weigh yourself every day.  I do.  It helps me stay focussed.  Yes – I do feel a bit down if nothing much happens, but I can also see when I have cheated, which stops me in my tracks.  Have been relatively stable this week, but this morning took a nice little dip again.  Probably the hour cycle in the wind last night helped!  It did give me that boost I needed going into the weekend.  Just don’t cheat Bester!  Why?  Because there will only be one week left till next weigh-in and MUST show some improvement!!


So I have been head down these last couple of days.  Busy busy days into the evening.  Getting to bed after 10pm.  No social media – nothing!  Realised you miss out on quite a bit of instant news if you aren’t on Face Book!   Have at least been sticking to the plan.  Couple of times I SOOO nearly added an extra patty or chicken!! I feel like I need more protein!! Always been big on protein.  But holding out.  Have also managed to squeeze in a couple of 30minute stints on my home bicycle and about an hour on the road.  Felt tired yesterday for the first time since starting this journey, but am putting it down to only going to sleep at 12 the night before.  Back on the bicycle this eve for a good solid ride.  Not much time left till the Cape Town Cycle tour!!  Hoping I would have lost a few more kilo’s by then so it will be easier to ride the bike!! LOL!  I think I have entered the slog period – just got to keep on doing the same thing every day.  Hopefully next weigh in will give me a pep me up!


So I had a really lazy Sunday – didnt have to prep, cos I had made enough the previous weekend.  So I sat and caught up on series and movies.  Wrong thing to do!!! I got the munchies!!  I ended up eating 4 Matzos with butter!! Oh my hat!! Were they delicious!!  I saw them on the scale this morning though!! Deary me!! I really do know how to sabotage myself after being so good all week.

Well – learnt my lesson – STAY BUSY BESTER!!  Back on the wagon today!


So I absolutely hate needles. Have been known to pass out instantly from a jab.  Felt faint when they where explaining the injection procedure at the info session.  But when they made me do it the first time and it didn’ hurt…I was amazed and super chuffed!!!  Since then I have been OK.  Once in a while feel a prick, but nothing major.  Today however was a different story!! I was trying to avoid the bruise I have developed.  Thought I had found a spot that felt numb when I pricked with the needle. Stuck it in and OH MY HAT!!! It stung!!! Took all my willpower to press down the plunger before removing it!!! OOOOUUCCHHH!!!!  Over an hour later and I can still feel the sting!!  Yikes!! Going to have to be more careful tomorrow!  Back to bruise spot I suppose!!

LOL! I am such a baby! 😛



I have realised this week. I still need to work on the way I think. Went to Pick n Pay earlier this week and caught myself about to make my usual trip past the deli counter.  Did a right turn.  Have also been thinking about what my 12 week celebratory meal would be.  Pizza? Roast Chicken with all the trimmings? At Checkers this evening. Went to buy water only. walked past the chocolates 3 times and the deli counter twice!! Actually touched the chocolate! Was trying to justify to myself why it would be OK!  I am really going to have to focus over the next couple of weeks. Usually things fall down cos you loose 5 or whatever and it’s “let’ give myself a treat” One becomes 2 and so it goes back to square one. If I don’ start working on changing my thought patterns now, then one celebratory dinner will end up being treats every single night until I have worked through everything I didn’t have in the 12 weeks!!  That would be such a sad disaster.  Like someone else said, this is a journey. Its is not as simple as popping pills and injecting oneself and eating the minimum for 12 weeks. Its what we learn along the way to deal with the real challenge after the 12 weeks are done.  Here is to all of us staying Strong and learning from this!


My Lunch today… certainly not something I would normally have… all good, trying to add a bit of variety.  I can confirm that I am a beef and chicken kinda gal though! LOL!


I do have to say this… particularly this week… and probably because I actually really love food, all food, the taste of it!  Mmmm!!  Especially with my protein, I am finding I am savouring those few bites of chicken or my patty.  That small patty would have been eaten in 2 bites!  Now I am having little bites along with the salad or veg…. I make sure I leave a little piece so its the last flavour in my mouth.  Today I decided to change things up a bit.  Having fish for supper, not a huge fan, but giving it a go.  For lunch I had cottage cheese with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, salt and black pepper.  Simple, but Oh My Hat!! Fat Free Plain Cottage Cheese never tasted so good!!

So who is Nicky Bester?  Good question!  I am 50 years old, single – never married – although have been in long term relationships.  Been engaged once – kept the ring!  LOL!  I have two delightful pets, Blu, my Bedlington Terrier and Bobby, my orange monster cat.  I have a circle of really good friends including my sister, wine is usually on the agenda – not for the next 12 weeks tho!  I own and ride a motorbike – The old ’99 Honda Fireblade, CBR 900.  Love riding out with some of my mates on breakfast runs, rallies etc.  These are going to a test – think I am going to hibernate!  Used to be very active in my youth and was able to eat whatever – got older, car accident – hurt my knee, never quite got back into as much sport and started picking up.  Tore my ACL tendon jumping at a trampoline park bout 2 years ago, which put the brakes on even more.  (Have not had an op and although it never heals I have good mobility – just cant run or hike anymore)  I can cycle and trained for the CT Cycle Tour last year for the non-event and started again October but have had a two month break – have to get back into it!  Less than 2 months to go!!  At least I should be a lot lighter by the time the race comes round!  I am a Leasing Manager for a private commercial Landlord and am one of the lucky ones ‘cos I love my job!  Entered the Slender Challange IX competition not thinking I would even be short listed!  But here I am!  Wow!  Thank you Skin/Body Renewal for picking me!  Looking forward to the journey!


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