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slender challenge results & pics

Hi!  Is it possible please to email us our before and after pictures?  Also my weight still hasnt been corrected for last weigh in for Slender Challenge IX, so I can’t see my fnal percentage lost.

Let us know


Nicky Bester


Just hours to go…No more kilos to lose… till next week.  😊 Thanks again Skin/Body Renewal for this #SlenderChallenge. I would not be where I am without this! It has given me the determination regardless of all the foody stuff I miss to finish this once and for all and hit that illusive 65kg mark. Watch the next 12 weeks! 😊 Thank you also to Sister Serena, always Happy, Positive and Supportive! I expect I will see you again sometime thru the next part of this journey!

Over and Out!


I can only say Thank You to Skin/Body Renewal for picking me!  This #SlenderChallange came at just the right time and I have lost a lot of weight.  Still got a long way to go to get to ultimate goal, but I would probably not even be close to my current weight if I tried on my own.  It has been a difficult journey.  And like one of the other contestants mentioned … cheese, chocolate and wine.  These are 3 of my favourite things that I am going to allow myself to enjoy in moderation going forward.  I picked up a couple of grams this morning.  Unfortunately not something we want to see the last day before final weigh day, so I am hoping I shake that and a few more by morning.

Cape Town – you guys have rocked! You have all done so well!  Excited to see everyone tomorrow!!  Sleep well tonight and don’t forget to bring your fat pants!!


Just 2 more sleeps!  My scale has varied been between 200 and 500 grams lighter than the Slender Challange scale.  At this stage I hope the scale I hop onto on Saturday only shows 200 grams heavier than my home scale!!  That will make me happy!!


Wow!  Suddenly the time is up!  Reading everyone’s blogs – quite a few of us seem to have come to a bit of a standstill!  I wonder if it’s not because we all stressing to reach that little goal we gave ourselves?  Well!  I have decided – it is what it is.  Not close to the furthest goal I set or the secondary goal.  Hoping to still reach the last mini goal, but a miracle will have to happen between today and Saturday LOL!  Be that as it may… I have lost weight!  I have lost more weight in this space of time than I would have if I had attempted to do this on my own.  Yes, I had bad days, but not as many again, if I didnt have the support structure that we have had on our Slender Challange journey.  I would probably have been yoyo-ing up and down and going nowhere slowly.  So I am grateful! Very Grateful, that I have been given this opportunity along with all the great contestants who have shared this journey with me.


So I had a really rough week last week – personal stuff – by Thursday afternoon my world felt like it had collapsed.  I was not interested in blogging or anything else for that matter.  Friends and family have rallied around me and the littlest things have made me feel better.  I will be enjoying each and every day I have left with Blu.  Also glad this challenge is coming to an end now.  Need to start focussing on other things and not let the way I eat be all consuming.  This last week is going to hopefully push me over the first kg mark I set myself.  I will be carrying on with this in a way.  I understand that we would go onto a wash out phase and depending on weight a maintenance phase.  Only if necessary injections again after about 3 months.  Happy with that as I still havent really become friends with the needle!  I will also be allowing myself a glass of wine now and then!!  Counting down the days!


I am giving up my Fat clothes when I am done with this.  Not going to give myself the chance to have these as fall back.  I know it will be all to easy for me to eat the good stuff, too much of it and one day too often.  So out they will go!  This time there will be no going back!


Had my weigh in this morning.  Not great.  My home scale is usually only 2 – 300grams out.  Today was out a wopping .5kg’s!  Oh Well!  Lost centimeters where it counts.  Nurse put my lack of weight loss down to the fact that I went to gym 5 times last week, the most since I started again.  So long as it’s toned muscle growing under my fat, I don’t mind!  Not going to reach my initial goal or my ultimate goal, unless I have tremendous weight loss in the next couple of days.  If I could lose at least 15kg’s in total…. Do-able, I think, then I will be super happy!  I will definately be carrying on after – I have a bee in my bonnet now… I want those new clothes!!


So I have been quite lucky along this Slender Challange Journey.  I have not had any headaches, or nausea or any other bad symptoms that some of the other contestants have had.  I have had steady weight loss, besides my ups and downs.  Just one thing, the injection is really getting to me now, particularly since we started again. My bruise is bigger than it was after 6 weeks of injecting, I have also drawn blood. I struggle every morning trying to find the right spot where I don’t feel the needle tip pricking my skin. Someone suggested the thigh, but I just haven’t been able to build up the courage to go there. It is the one thing, besides my own willpower that is really making me feel despondent.  Particularly because I would like to be able to continue with this plan after last weigh in, so as to reach my ultimate goal.  Ai!  Just two weeks to go!  Someone slap me upside the head and tell me to stop being a big baby and get over myself!!


So this morning I had an odd moment, elbeit a good moment…  So I bumped into someone this morning that I see irregularly, don’t know their name, but we greet. Saw them last about 3 maybe 4 weeks ago and after greeting … her response was…”You are loosing weight, is everything OK? I said all good, was just about time I made the effort.” Only afterwards I realised she had been concerned that my weight loss was because I was ill or something! She did express her happiness for me, seemed quite relieved! It made me realise when I thought about it afterwards that there are people out there who have lost drastic weight, or quickly due to illness and I expect she had had experience of this, hence her very genuine concern.

Not quite sure how to process this in my head.  It almost seems like a negative, but I also feel sad for her, she must have gone through a rough time with someone close to her.  I am glad that I was able to say no – just a good decision made! :-)

So who is Nicky Bester?  Good question!  I am 50 years old, single – never married – although have been in long term relationships.  Been engaged once – kept the ring!  LOL!  I have two delightful pets, Blu, my Bedlington Terrier and Bobby, my orange monster cat.  I have a circle of really good friends including my sister, wine is usually on the agenda – not for the next 12 weeks tho!  I own and ride a motorbike – The old ’99 Honda Fireblade, CBR 900.  Love riding out with some of my mates on breakfast runs, rallies etc.  These are going to a test – think I am going to hibernate!  Used to be very active in my youth and was able to eat whatever – got older, car accident – hurt my knee, never quite got back into as much sport and started picking up.  Tore my ACL tendon jumping at a trampoline park bout 2 years ago, which put the brakes on even more.  (Have not had an op and although it never heals I have good mobility – just cant run or hike anymore)  I can cycle and trained for the CT Cycle Tour last year for the non-event and started again October but have had a two month break – have to get back into it!  Less than 2 months to go!!  At least I should be a lot lighter by the time the race comes round!  I am a Leasing Manager for a private commercial Landlord and am one of the lucky ones ‘cos I love my job!  Entered the Slender Challange IX competition not thinking I would even be short listed!  But here I am!  Wow!  Thank you Skin/Body Renewal for picking me!  Looking forward to the journey!


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