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115.5 KG'S Starting Weight
99 KG'S Goal Weight
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The final day!!

And so, the final day has arrived!! Good luck to everyone for the final weigh-in!!

Almost D-day!

The clock is ticking away and the minutes are running out – soon we’ll be at the end! Getting more excited each day!

Almost there!

We are almost at the end – so close! I am feeling very good and can’t wait to see the final results on Saturday.

In the meantime I am still going strong, keeping strictly to the plan and exercising daily. I must say. this challenge has indeed change my mind about eating healthy. Can’t wait to see what the maintenance program entails!


Soos die dae nader stap na die einde van die challenge, raak ek net meer opgewonde! Ek kan nie wag om almal Saterdag te sien en te hoor hoe elkeen die challenge ervaar het nie. En dink net aan al die transformasies wat ons gaan sien as ons die “before” en “after” foto’s gaan sien! Dan sien ek ook uit om daarna met die stabilisation en maintenance plan te begin en hierdie challenge op ‘n hoë noot af te sluit!

Final Week!

And the final week is here! It’s been a long and tough journey, but the end is in sight! I feel good and can’t wait to see all the good results! Good luck everyone!

The last Sunday..

Today was the last Sunday before the end of the challenge! Now getting ready for the final week! Good luck everyone!

Wedding vibes..

After today (Saturday), I would definitely say that the toughest challenge for me on this journey is attendong weddings! I had another wedding today and the food was great!! BUT… It was not really slender friendly!! But anyway, I survived!

Another week almost done

We are almost done with another week – then, one more week left! Although there are still some cravings here and there for certain things, I think our mindsets has changed a lot over the past 11 weeks! This journey was truly a life changer!

Rainy days

With these rainy days I just want to lie in bed, watch a movie and have some pancakes! But, instead we have to work and with the end of the challenge in sight, there is DEFINITELY no room for cheating! Keep it up everyone, we’re almost there!

Time flies

As I woke up this morning, I realised there’s just a week and a half left for this journey! I really can’t believe that the time flew by this quick! It feels like last month I started with the battles of this journey! And now, we’re almost at the end! I think it is important to keep going when you’re this close to the finish line and not slack down!


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