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82.7 KG'S Current Weight
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The end

So here it is the night before the final weigh-in and what a change compared to 12 weeks ago where I don’t think any of us knew what to really expect.

I am so glad to have been able to complete this adventure and also excited about what is to come next. Good luck to everyone!

Thankful Thursday

I have been feeling quite tired today, I think the little sleep over the past couple of days is catching up to me.

I think quite a few of us have been reminiscing about our journey over the past 12 weeks and I am so thankful for this wonderful opportunity to have been a Slender Challenge contestant. I think I may have mentioned it before but it was quite accidental that I entered myself into this challenge and I don’t think I really knew what I was letting myself in for, but it has been a life-changing.

I have really battled to lose weight since my pregnancy in 2014 (and have still not lost all my pregnancy weight although I am much closer now again). I managed to get down to about 83kgs in 2015 (just after my mom passed away) but then started gaining weight again and really battled to lose weight. It is true what they say, the older you get, the more difficult it gets (and it is definitely not easy in your 40’s).

This challenge has really assisted me in kick-starting my weight loss again and has also changed my mind-set as to the way I eat and what I eat. I think even after the challenge I will still think twice about what I am eating and be conscious of it. I still have a few kilograms to lose, but am definitely much closer than when I started the challenge.


I love the following quote, I think we must all thank ourselves and congratulate ourselves on how far we have come!

Good luck for the last day tomorrow!!


Nearly there!!

Good luck for the last 2 days friends!! We are so nearly there!!

Can’t wait to see everyone again, I definitely feel as though I have made some friends on this challenge and will miss the encouragement once the challenge is over. I look forward to seeing everyone’s transformations on Saturday!!

Counting down the days

The past couple of weeks has really been quite hectic with deadlines and another major deadline tomorrow. Hopefully after that I can breathe again! I am also lucky enough that we have a mini-holiday planned next week so I am looking forward to that!

I remember starting this challenge a couple of weeks ago and how long 12 weeks sounded and now we are in the home stretch.

I saw the following quote and just love it!!


Can’t believe we are nearly done, it has been an amazing journey. I have definitely found the second part of the schallenge more challenging than the first but proud of myself to have come so far!

Last weekend on the challenge

I survived the wedding and did not do too badly 😊 I resisted the starters/canapés (and they looked divine!!).

The main course was a bit more difficult as it was real boerekos (and limited options). I had some beef and salad but had to have a crunchy roast potato (one of my favourites!!) and it was delicious! My first potato in nearly 12 weeks!!!

Dessert was wedding cake and I just had a tiny bite of both cakes because everyone  was raving about it! Was yummy!!

Guess we will see what the scale says on Monday!

I had my standard drink, sparkling water 😊 find that quite easy to do now!


One week to go!!

I have had such a crazy few days, I have not even had a chance to blog! Well done on everyone on their fantastic results!! So amazing that so many people managed to lose so many kgs during the past 2 weeks, my weight loss has been superslow and I don’t think I have lost anything this week! Still want to lose 2 kgs in this challenge so will have to really try hard this next week! Let’s see if it is possible ;) At least work should be better after Wednesday and then I have the following week off (so excited!! We are going to the coast and I just need that little break so badly!!)

We are going to a wedding this afternoon. I know some people might say take your own food but I really think it might be a bit rude to do that at a wedding, so will just have to make the best choices that I can make.

Good luck for the weekend everyone!





10 days to go!!

Tomorrow we will be in single digit days until the end of the schallenge! What an amazing achievement!! Well done fellow schallengers.

I also feel as though tomorrow should already be Friday as this week has been super busy but at least if gives me an extra day!

I saw the following today which I quite liked and thought it is something we can carry with us as we start our own journeys after the schallenge.

And a bit of motivation for the last stretch! Good luck!



Today has been a good day! I have stuck to the plan and hoping to see results!! Work is still crazy but taking it day by day! I really do feel like this again today!!

I also saw the following picture which was so true and I think all of us on the schallenge can’t believe how time has flown!! 12 weeks felt like a lifetime when we started and now we are nearly done. Stay strong guys!!



Another super busy day! The one advantage is time is flying but I have no time. I have been meaning to start exercising (walking) but I don’t have enough hours in the day! I sometimes feel as though I need another me to get all the work done!! Have managed to stick to the plan (95%), only had one fruit, forgot my lunchtime pilss so had them with supper and my daughter gave me a chuckle (I could not say no). Hope everyone had a great Monday!


I had quite a busy day today, so busy I did not eat properly at all. I had eggs and tomato for breakfast and then basically yoghurt for lunch and supper with an apple. I also had a handful of popcorn from my daughter. I am quite tired now as I had to catch up on some work and then just got super busy! Still have lots to do (I sometimes feel as though I will never catch up, guess that is just the way things go in our profession).

I really want to try hard this week and it’s nearly 10pm and I have not even had a chance to prep for this week :( Will just have to get up early tomorrow as I am really not in the mood to make lunch now).

I also have a wedding this weekend which is not ideal!! Hopefully they will have a good option on the menu for me!! And hopefully there won’t be a delicious dessert buffet. Although I have realized that I don’t crave sweet things as much, I am missing salty things so hopefully it will go well.

I know a few of us are feeling as though our weightloss is going slowly currently and the clock is ticking, but I think we must remain positive and not get despondent, it took more than a couple of weeks to gain the weight so it will not disappear overnight. Good luck fellow schallengers!




My name is Thea and I am excited to be a Slender Challenge IX contestant. I am married to Wayne and we have a 3 year old daughter.



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