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71 KG'S Goal Weight
82.4 KG'S Current Weight
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Reaffirming my goals

I’ve been feeling a bit aimless the past few days. Maybe because it’s the end of the challenge, or because I’d lost sight of where I want to be.


But after a lovely evening with visiting family, I feel like I’ve been revitalized and I am remembering my goals, and feel enthused about achieving them.


For me, completing this challenge is actually a mini goal as I have two more HCG weeks To go towards reaching my first goal (2 x 6-week HCG). I would like to move out of the 80s into the 70s weight-wise but this may be a stretch as my body is reacting differently to the HCG on this second round.


My next goal is to incorporate 4 days exercise per week into my routine, and this will start once the HCG is done and I’m on weight watchers eating plan. I have not set mini goals for my weightloss but I think I will once the HCG is finished, as I don’t want to lose focus again.


It amazes me that I so often revisit certain weaknesses in my life, and until I choose to make a change, I won’t evolve.


This challenge has been LIFE CHANGING. I’m sad that tomorrow will essentially be our last day of blogging through the community. The team at the SR Clinic in both Umhlanga and Hillcrest has been amazing. As are the numerous fellow contestants. I will definitely miss this part of my daily routine, and want to say to SR Clinic that this blog is a wonderful tool – thank you for your initiative!


Outfit for final pics

Yesterday after work I had an hour to go and find an outfit for our final weigh day.


Up until then I had not bought anything new except for some work pants. I hadn’t realized that I was just squeezing into the same clothes irrespective of how bad it may have looked, and conning myself I wasn’t putting on that much weight 🙈. Anyway so as for fat pants I only have a slightly baggy pair of shorts.


But last night I had great fun trying on some clothes at Woolies – all size 14! I was sooooo happy. What a nice change from the past few years! I finally settled on one pair of slacks and a top as I don’t want to invest in lots of new clothes at this stage.


I’m looking forward to celebrating with all my fellow contestants on Saturday, and really looking forward to seeing all the before and after pics!

Exercise vs no exercise

Thankfully my tummy bag was gone by this morning! Thank you to everyone who expressed their concern and sympathy.


So I’m almost the same weight that I was when I got married in 2015. BUT…. I can’t fit into the same clothes. I hadn’t thought about it and just assumed when I reached this weight that my clothes would just fit. And they absolutely do not! It didn’t take much for me to realize why.


Prior to our wedding, I’d been doing 5 days of exercise per week. And I’ve honestly enjoyed not forcing myself to exercise during the challenge so have hardly moved more than necessary to get from A to B 😂


So all in all, I may have lost kgs, but my cms are not the same as 3 years ago when I was exercising and at the same weight. It was a bit of a reality check for me about how exercise really reduces cms.


I am going to finish this 6 week round of HCG, so another two weeks after the challenge on my own expense. And then when I move on to the next part of my weightloss journey I will be increasing how much exercise I do. I will also put more emphasis on the centimeters lost than the kg on the scale. We all hear that’s the case, but of course until we see it for ourselves does it really sink in? 🙈

Tummy bug 😱

Late morning I had full tummy-bug onset and since then I’ve been so drained! I didn’t do any supplements from then onwards as I felt nauseous. The worst was the bathroom dash after eating. I’m hoping it’s a 12 hour bug and tomorrow I’m right as rain. I really don’t know how some of my fellow contestants managed whilst being sick for more than one day! In to bed after an unpleasant day!

Family funday

This morning we had an Easter egg hunt for my nephews. We waited until the Grandfolks (my parents) arrived yesterday. It was so much fun! We also bought them hatchimals (interactive furry robots that hatch out off plastic eggs) and I’m not sure who had more fun watching them hatch – us or the kids!  We then went to the beach and swam for a couple of hours.


Its been very hard for me this weekend as I feel weary of the food restrictions. I had a naan and some curry sauce as I just so badly wanted it. I know I’ve come so far but I made the choice knowing the consequences and they are what they are.


I’ve come so far personally and learned so many new habits. I am determined to continue with my weight loss, albeit slower, by implementing these, and going on to weight loss maintenance. Good luck for the last 6 days my fellow contestants!

Beach babe

Well, not quite a beach babe but definitely feeling better about going to the beach now. We’re staying at the coast this weekend, and I’m so pleased that I’m not popping out of my swimming costume and shorts anymore. Whilst I’m not exactly going to post photos of myself beaching just quite yet, I’m so happy to see my waist again – hello waist – and wear shorts that used to strain when I sat down 🙈.


This is is such a phenomenal diet plan I’m recommending it to all and sundry!

Thursday traffic jams

I sat in the traffic for over an hour, decided to pull off the next off ramp and am having an artisan black coffee. I’m waiting 20 min then will try head to my next appointment, first one being rescheduled due to traffic.


I saw a great post on Facebook and thought I’d share it


Joy in the small things

This morning I bought myself a coffee from Alchemy before my drive to Strand. As I sipped on it I marveled at the beauty of the Helderberg mountains whilst driving the N2.


This challenge has gone by so fast, and I can’t believe we are almost done. I think that taking each moment as it comes, and celebrating all the little successes along the way has made this a lot easier than expected.  I have really taken more notice of each moment of this journey and found such delight in previously unnoticed things like a gorgeous view or delicious coffee.


I’m so glad that I’ve been allowed to participate in this challenge, and I’m looking forward to sharing the happiness in everyone’s success at the end!


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