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A beautiful Sunday for a walk

After our pedi and lunch, my friend Amy and I decided to take advantage of the glorious cool weather and walk through Winston Park.  It’s such a beautiful and safe neighborhood with a spectacular meandering tree-lined Avenue. The walk was stimulating and the fresh air so rejuvenating.  It’s been a lovely way to spend Sunday before a busy week ahead.


I hope you have all found a non-food way to spoil yourself this weekend!

What are you doing to make yourself feel special?

So today is weigh-in day! I am pleased with my progress, as I’m still making it!!! I was worried that my weight loss would slow to zero as whenever i start exercising, my body initially thinks “eek” and holds on to whatever weight it can!

It’s been a struggle to find ways to reward myself that don’t involve food, or body creams/oils. I’d usually have a lovely soak in a bubble bath with a good book, or go for a hot stone massage. Or emotionally eat. But that’s a whole other story. The no oil thing has been a challenge.

But what I have decided to do this weekend is take one of my girl-friends out for a full pedi and gel application, and at the same time i am having the gel removed from my toenails, and reapplied, sans pedi, sans cuticle oil!

Tonight my husband is taking me to watch Black Panther in 3D, without popcorn and astros. But it will be nice to get out.

Jackie on our SC9 WhatsApp group recommended a walk, or a sauna at the gym. What are your suggestions?

I hope that you have all had a great start to the weekend.

Meal ideas

I’ve started to get a little bored with my meals ideas, so I wanted to share mine, and ask that you share some of yours please?

For easy food prep, and as my husband doesn’t like veg, I’ve been shopping at Woolies.. Here is my basic veg shopping list:
Baby cabbage
Mixed cauliflower & brocolli
Punnet of baby marrow, patty pan & baby gem
Zucchini / baby marrow spirals
Baby spinach
Organic cherry tomatoes
Fresh chilis
Fresh garlic

I am not a fan of game meat, so haven’t incorporated any into any of my meals.

Some meals I have made:

100g beef filet stir fried with 120g eggplant, tomatoes, fresh chili, garlic, smoked paprika spice,

100g chicken breast, stir fried with 120 veg – patty pan, zoodles, cabbage, fresh chili, rosemary & sage spice grind from woolies

100g hake steamed, served with 80 g baby spinach & 40g tomatoes lightly tossed in pan till cooked.

100g tuna, served with 120g rocket, watercress, tomatoes, cucumber and dressing made from lemon juice, sweetener & apple cider vinegar.

I have also used the Morrocan rub as per one of the recipes in the hand out.

I’d love to get some meal inspiration from you either through the blog, or Instagram, (The_Skinny_Bee (Instagram) Danielle Beder is great to follow for this!)

Yay it’s Thursday!

It’s all in the name! Or word in my case

I am an “all or nothing” kinda gal… I eat big, or nothing at all (restriction)…. live large, or stay home… no grey areas in my life, and moderation in ALL form is so difficult for me to practice. Just the word moderation makes me shudder. Seriously.

I shy away when people talk of big things like stress management, or balancing life. That is just all too big and scary, and sets my anxiety levels on fire.

I have had the opportunity to do some thinking over the past 2 years, and have actively really tried to get down to the nitty gritty of what is setting off such a massive negative reaction inside me.
And do you want to know the funniest thing, just by rephrasing a lot of words that I (and those around me) use has made a massive difference to how I positively I approach things. For example, I am happy to go out for a light meal, but if my husband suggests we go out for something small, I literally want to kill him. Like, what are you saying? That I NEED to eat something small??? It sounds silly right? Well, maybe it is, but it works for me.

It’s the same for “moderation”. I don’t want to know about that. But if I approach it in a creative or round about way, I am less resentful. Maybe it is from a hyper controlled upbringing? I don’t know, and I not really interested in finding out why right now, just what works.

So i’d like to challenge you to think about your immediate reaction to some things that people say, and if you understand that the words are triggers, maybe try rephrase things. And share this experience and knowledge with your family and those close to you. I can tell you that my husband no longer talks about small meals!

Heart rates during exercise, and what do they mean for losing weight

I would imagine that none of us participating on this diet are pro athletes… we would’t really be in this situation if we are! So I wanted to share my experiences with measuring heart rates during exercise, and what it means to me for losing weight.

I use a Polar heart rate monitor, but if you attend Virgin Active, they have the heart rate monitors built in to various equipment.

There are a huge number of resources online that have helped me understand heart rates better, and it’s important to remember that all of this is highly individual, and what I say works for me does not replace your doctor’s professional advice.

So back in the day, I learned that in order to lose weight through exercise, my heart needed to beat within a specific zone for a minimum of 20 to 25 minutes, and THEN the fat burning starts. So i would need to exercise at a moderate rate for at least 40 minutes to burn some calories.

However, more recent studies show that adopting a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) regimen is far better at assisting weight loss, and shows quicker improvements to fitness. In my words, this means training for a shorter period of time, at a higher intensity, and increasing your level of intensity at regular intervals. So for those of you who thrive on visual graphics, your work out and corresponding heart rate will look like this

In practice, I have found that when I am unfit, my body can cope with two HIIT sessions per week. When I am fit, I can usually do 3. However anymore than that and it seems I just don’t have the energy.

I usually alternate between the treadmill and elliptical machines. I have included some images showing workouts which you can save. I DO recommend that you tailor this to your own strengths and fitness so you don’t feel discouraged

These are my current (super unfit) settings:

Speed 5 all the time
Warm up 3 min on incline 3.5,
1 min increase incline to 5,
3 min on incline 3.5
1 min walk incline 5,
3 min on incline 3.5
1 min walk incline 6,
3 min on incline 3.5
1 min walk incline 6,
3 min on incline 3.5
1 min walk incline 7,
3 min on incline 3.5
1 min walk incline 7,
3 min on incline 3.5
1 min walk incline 8,
2 min on incline 3.5

Elliptical (slightly different to treadmill)
Warm up 3 min on level 3
1 min on level 6 (speed around 114-120)
1 min as fast as i can go on level 3 (speed around 140)
2 minutes recovery level 3 (speed around 100)
I keep increasing the level of the incline every 2nd interval

In this way, I reach my maximum heart rate for short bursts of time, and I can feel my fitness levels improve significantly over a shorter period of time when I use this sort of program. Again, check with your doctor first, and if you do attempt to incorporate this sort of thing, listen to your body!


Relaxing Sunday

Sunday plans starting with breakfast in bed

And the rest of the day…..

Music for your soul

When I go to the gym and work on the treadmill or glider I always need some good tunes to get me going.  I find that a vibe playlist makes all the difference to how I work out.  I usually choose songs with a beat at the pace I want to work out at, and find my body instinctively works along with it. I’m sure if you’ve gone to a spin class, you’ll notice the difference when the music beat sets the pace, and doesn’t. Music definitely has incredible power!


Pinterest has a huge number of play lists that folks have put together, and here are a couple of my favorites for gym – a lot of which have great positive words too:


Sia – The greatest


Jason Darulo – Undefeated


Katy Perry – Firework


Sean Paul – Hold On


David Guetta & Sia – Titanium


I hope our you have all had a great start to your weekend! Super Rugby starts today, for some a celebration, for me – super glad to have extra view!


Some meditation links

Thank goodness it’s Friday!

I am so glad it’s the end of the work week! When I woke up this morning I literally had to drag myself out of bed. When I got to work, we have website issues, so my morning’s plans have gone to pot.

But I did want to share some useful links with you today. YouTube is such an amazing resource. Here are two different types of meditations. The first one is a 20min mediation designed to help you let go of negativity. The second is a 10 minute body scan. It’s worth downloading the body scan and saving it as an mp3 or mp4 on your phone, and using it for when you have 10 minutes at work where you need to decompress, then refocus. I often use a body scan in the evening when I get home from work, as it forces me to mentally let go of any drama and fel more relaxed. You can also find 5 minute body scans if you are in more of a hurry. i do urge you to give them a go.

Guided meditation for letting go of negativity

10 minute body scan

If you decide to look for more meditations, and are fairly new to them, just remember that if you are looking for one that will help you sleep, there is usually a gong or ring to signify both the start and end of the meditation, so the end gong may shock you out of a slumber.

Enjoy relaxing!


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