Trudie Jacobs

Category 20+ KG'S
Position 25 TH
Weight Details
94 KG'S Starting Weight
68 KG'S Goal Weight
90.9 KG'S Current Weight
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As one does cleaning and washing I noticed areas that are not as bulky as they used to be, immediately I smile and that is my determination to have a right mindset to continue and make the most of this experience. Goal is set and I will reach it

Slow but steady

Not as much and as fast as I would hope to loose, but loosing nonetheless. after this definitely maintaining and not picking up the weight again. Never want to be where I was 4 weeks ago.

Last 2 weeks to go

2 weeks to hit the half way mark, already so much better movement. cant wait for the last six weeks

How quickly time goes by

Can’t believe 4 weeks have come and gone. 2 weeks to go and were halfway there. Halfway to a better me.

Already feeling so much better,.  Can’t than you enough.

Not as hoped

Even though my weigh-in is 3 days short of a full 2 weeks, i know it should be better. Definitely going to wow myself with the 6 week weigh-in. Good luck for the next 2 weeks

Cant wait

Weigh-in tomorrow. I can see the difference in some areas and some areas that need more time to slim down. Hoping to better my current position

Weigh-in week

Mmmmm, what will be the results for this week. Still going strong. Hopeful, hopeful

9 Weeks to go

Looking forward. 3 Weeks passed and I’m closer to feeling better, some days harder than other, but will make the best of this.

How time flies

Hopefully the next weigh-in I will leave with satisfaction, have not looked at the scale, too scared


Much easier when one steers clear from any temptation but still hard though. To give up 12 Weeks of all the elements that leave my body in the same state when I started is a small price to loose unwanted kg and maintain after the 12 weeks. Knowing how much i struggle finding clothes that fit even though i have a closet full of once smalle me and everything that goes with it. 12 weeks out of a year, yes sometimes difficult but going to be worth it, especially since i struggle loosing on my own.
Anything WORTH having doesnt come easy.

My name is Trudie, I have 3 children Brian (14), Catelyn (10) and Laura-Lee (2) and would love to be able to be more mobile with them instead of sitting on the sideline just watching. I was very athletic in school, played a lot of sports and since having kids found myself not as physical as I would like to be.

Given this opportunity I am going to make the most of it to obtain maximum results.

Thank you for this opportunity for a  body rejuvenation


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