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new wardrobe for my efforts!

So today was the most expensive part of this plan. A wardrobe refresh…

Really chuffed that my clothes were all so loose lately, my pants have droppped a size, my belt is 4 notches down, and even shirt size is down.

Including T-Shirts. No more XXL – today was the first time in many years that I have put on a LARGE and it looked good! And no exagerating there. I have not been down to this weight since before we had kids. This makes it around 25 years!

And excercise time is different, no more settling for 5km walks. I regularly push past the 10km mark, my 13.5km route has now become the norm…

Special BIG thanks goes to my amazing wife Victoria, without whom this wold have been extremely difficult. You really were by my side every step of the way. THANK YOU!

Hpoe everyone is as elated as I am, see you all on Saturday!

2nd last Monday

I had my weigh-in on Friday & very pleased with my loss.  I think the increase in my walking has had a huge impact.  Let’s hope it carries on!

The weekend went well – a round of golf on Saturday and a 13km walk yesterday.  Have a great week ahead everyone!

happy easter!

easy for me to stay away from chocolate, my problem is the braai and glass of wine, which I will be looking at but not indulging in.

Stay strong, everyone!

less than 4 weeks to goal

almost there people, keep it up!!!

feeling great, really happy with progress!

50% goal achieved!

counting the days now, and watching the weight fall, glad to have passed the 50% mark of my weight loss goal!

another weekend gone…

which means a weekend closer to my goal. have a great week everyone!

another day passes by

and still gong strong. not expecting miracles in next week’s weigh-in, but as long as i’m heading in the right direction, then it’s all good!

Golfing Saturday

I am doing well and looking forward to the added variety in our eating plan for the next 2 weeks.

Have a great Saturday – mine is starting with a game of golf!

weigh-in #3

third weigh-in completed, albeit a bit early, and rather pleased to see my weight-loss is still on track. it’s a daily reminder that we CAN do whaever we set our minds to!

uneventful day

same old, same old. not much to report on today, getting through the day without too much hassle, looking forward to the weekend!


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