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flavoured water?

so my wife saw a few posts where contestants mention the use of flavoured water, but I know in the instructions given, it states NO flavoured water.

Could someone please advise?

See photo comparisson between coke zero (allowed) and flavoured water…

4th week done!

week 4 finished, weigh-in 2 finished, 33% of the process finished!

weigh-in went well, not as much as I wanted but still a good loss, I can see my target in the distance and it’s getting closer each day!

Have a good weekend all!

that’s another weekend gone!

still doing well, but had to fetch my 2nd tub of shake today as i was already running out!

let’s see what the week ahead can throw at me! :-)



plan going well, staying strong, but missing my glass of wine mostly. but i will not be tempted :-)

have a great weekend everyone!

where are the results?

so i managed to work from home without temptatin, apart from forgetting to take my lunch suplements, so had to combine my supper supplemtns instead. let’s see how that goes…

my question is, when will our results be posted? The 2-weekly check ins are supposed to help as motivation for all contestants, and previous “seasons” these were posted each time. So I am interested to see when will ours be posted so we can all have a good look and provide encouragement to others where necessary? any clues?

Week 3 Day 1

Monday wasn’t too bad, had such a busy day that I had no time to think about hunger, but because i was in meetings all day, i missed lunch time by 1.5hrs – felt rather dizzy walking to get my lunch! but all sanity was restored once I ate!

Today is another challenge – working from home so let’s see how the hunger treats me…

weekend 2 done and dusted

there it goes, weekend has passed in the blink of an eye! glad i made it unscathed, but tough reminding myself to drink my quota of water!!!

meals are going fine, not sure how difficult this would be without my wife’s assistance with meal preps and especially with her following a very similar eating plan!

now for week 3, hoping to stay on the same progress track, determined to avoid the “levelling out” of the weight loss the further we go!!!

Have a great week ahead!

week 2 weigh in

that’s my first weigh in done. loss was as i was anticipating, so i am rather chuffed right now. Feeling good about where i am, and even better about where i am heading. if i just lose 2.5 kg per week, i will reach my goal with a few weeks to spare. and the thought of getting out of triple figures for the first time in 20 years is rather exciting!

bring it on    :-)

Have a great weekend everyone, keep up the good work!

Day 3 (Week 2)

Had another good day, and sucesfully managed to resist the croissants and cheese that were on offer in my meetings. Another brisk walk, only 3 km today as I didn’t have much time.

2 days to weigh day!

Onwards and upwards!

Day 2 (2nd week)

had my first bit of excercise this evening – managed an 8km brisk walk, with a little bit of running in between. Found the walk strangely easy compared to before starting the process, it was as if I have more energy and tire less easily.

Looking forward to my weigh in on Friday, I can deffinitely feel the difference.

Still managing with the diet and water intake, no pains there yet!!!



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