Yvette Van Rooyen

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89.8 KG'S Current Weight
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A Big Thank you to Body Renewal!

My health and life has changed for the better in so many ways. I am happier, healthier and much lighter!

This opportunity gave me a huge head-start and I will continue to go on with the Illovo Branch, to loose the rest of the weight. I have already phoned them this morning to get prices and will work it into my budget.

My mind is set on staying healthy, never to feel so fat and heavy and sad ever again. I am in my 50’s and I feel like I am in my early 40’s (thanks to you). A new lease on life as they say.

Thank you to Body Renewal for this amazing opportunity!

Tips and no Tricks

I was wondering what to write on my blog the last day or 2 about the program and how I found it. Well, to sum it up, here are my thought(s).

  • It is the only program out there that works!


Looking forward to see you all on Saturday! xxx

Do it for You!

Here’s a little note I wrote for you:

Zero Energy and Water Retention

I have swollen ankles and zero energy today…..ahhh what a life! hehe

The End of a Huge Effort

I just received this email from Kyle Cease (follow him for motivation) and it spoke to me during the competition and even before I started. If you need motivation in life, watch some of his audios or videos and visit his blog/website. He is such an inspiration and a positive person. Anyway, the subject he spoke about is: “Let go of everything that supports the small you. Move towards everything that supports the true you. Watch what happens.”

This new lifestyle change should not be a huge effort. If it is, then we need to let some things go. What are we holding on to? Of course it takes guts, motivation and a positive attitude! And change… change… change… change! But it should not be an effort. Imagine if you just walked through a closed door and your new life starts the minute you close that door behind you. It is that easy. We make it hard and difficult and it is unnecessary. Easy for me to say, right? Well I guess it is just a decision that I have to make the next time I make myself stumble.

I honestly hope that you and I will continue on this new healthy lifestyle even after this competition. After all, we made the choice to walk through that door in the first place.


Pancake weather on Sunday

Good thing I don’t have anything in my kitchen cupboard to tempt me making pancakes! Lazy, rainy Sunday weather and I’m feeling the blues…like im going back to boarding school tomorrow 😂😂


Ill be sorting out my tummy again today. Ugghh 😣😌

Its not over

For me it will not be the end of this program. I will be going on either on my own or with the Illovo clinic, depending on my financial situation. I have so much respect for each of the contestants who made it all the way to the “end”. You have guts!

Congratulations to everyone who lost weight and who will still be losing weight after the competition is over. Give yourself a pat on the back! I cannot wait to see everyone’s transformation, especially the “after” photo’s.

Have a good and healthy weekend!


Planning and Focus

Be thankful for every kilogram you loose, it took some serious hard work and a lot of guts!

Planning your meals and keeping focused are the 2 main requirements for being successful on this programme. Oh, I forgot, water! It is absolute key to drink at least 3 litres of water per day.


Not enough time in the day

Water drinking has improved since I have been back at work, so that is a good thing. Taking the Lipo Powder has made a huge difference and I find that I drink even more water now!

I am a mother of 2 beautiful children, a daughter and son and they are amazing adults, carving out a life of their own. This year I will also become a grandmother for the very first time (it’s a boy)!
I love reading, especially cook books, yes, I read them like you would read a novel. At my age (53) and being single, I realized that I need to lose weight and become healthy, not only for myself, but also for my children and grandchildren to come. I want a lifestyle change and this journey will make it possible and I am going to make every minute count.


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