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Back on Track

Well, I was never exactly off the track. I just feel back to my determined self.


Yesterday was a good day I think. Had my meals prepped. Ate it all on time. Drank my 3 litres of water. Did 30 minutes cardio. Got home and ready for today and completely forgot to blog. I’d still say it was a success though.


Also, I now completely understand that hunger some of you were posting about. I wake up hungry. It’s been a long long time since that happened. My day starts at 5:00 though and there is no way I am having shake that early. So I fill the gap with water.


Hope everyone is still motivated and determined. Have a fantastic Friday.

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    Juliet Kriel
    March 9th 2018

    Have a blessed weekend Nadia, and stay strong. Happy that you’re feeling on track.

    Nicky Bester
    March 9th 2018

    Glad you feeling a happier! Perhaps it’s because of the 6 week mark – also been feeling a little more upbeat today!


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