Geen rustige Sondag

Van vroegoggend was dit duidelik dat die dag nie rustig gaan wees nie. Ook n goeie ding…want hoe besiger ek is hoe minder dink ek aan kos😉

Weekend away

We are back home after a wonderful weekend away! We went to a farm near Vrede with friends and it was lovely.

I also managed to survive the weekend relatively unscathed. I had a few bites of things I probably should not have had on Saturday but other than that the weekend went well.

When we started the schallenge, they said that the programme is difficult to follow especially in social situations. It is also hard when your meal times are not really under your control. But I made the best of the situation and pre-packed 2 salads and a veggie pack to have with my meals. I also packed an emergency tin of tuna for a meal just in case which was quite handy as I ended up having the tuna with some salad for lunch on Saturday.

Something which I rediscovered due to the weekend away is vanilla Canderel. I bought it a couple of years ago but don’t always see it in the supermarkets and when I found it again, I thought I would give it a try and it was great!!


I usually have coffee and tea with some milk and no sugar but now due to the schallenge, I have had to make some changes as we are not allowed to have milk. So now I have plain rooibos (I just can’t face having normal tea with no milk)  or black coffee. I have experimented with some sweetener in my coffee every now and then if I feel that I may need a bit of sweetness so this weekend I tried some vanilla sweetener. It was really such a nice change and I loved it! Really worth a try if you feel like a vanilla coffee ☕.

I also saw the following in a magazine which I think may also be perfect for the schallenge (especially since I do like an iced coffee every now and then).

I could not believe that that I had to open my second batch of pills tonight whilst I was prepping my pills for the week! It definitely shows progress and we only have 2 batches left!!

I hope my fellow schallengers had a great weekend and good luck for week 5!!

Mental Fitness

Your mental fitness is what will get you through this diet into your new lifestyle. I have some serious thinking to do!

Smooth Sunday

A better day than yesterday.  Managed some exercise, and meals went down a bit better.

Prepped and ready for the new week.

Super charged sunday

Feeling positive about this week 😀good luck to all xxx

Super-chilled Sunday

I woke up this morning and the last thing I felt like doing was going to yoga. I ended up looking after my sister’s puppy, that she adopted, for most of the day. I spent the afternoon painting which I find so cathartic. It takes my mind off the obsession over food as it keeps me mindful and in the moment. I’m busy making dinner for the fam. Chicken breasts and salad veg for everyone!


I hope that you all had an awesome weekend. Time to smash week 5.

Successful Socialising

I actually went to a social event and did not feel too bad.


Packed my meals, water and pills. Got a full cardio session because I was dancing while everyone else was drinking and eating.


There was actually a moment in time that I thought I could get used to this clean life. Holding thumbs that I could do it permanently.

Still going strong🤗

Friday was weigh in day and it went well….. you won’t believe me but I’m stillllll sick🤢 Being sick like this makes the diet even harder mostly because of the nauseating feeling that wont subside…..Being so nauseated and on the road Friday I didn’t do my water intake at all😔 Yesterday I was back on track again with my water but o my goodness it’s a BIG struggle it doesn’t help at all with the nausea…..and the swallowing of all the pills🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 I litterly tried everything possible for the continuous nausea and it just won’t subside and this makes me SOOOOOO MISERABLE because I’m giving my all for this challenge and i don’t want to fail at it…….but whow it’s taking everything out of me😟😣😢😭

Lazy Sunday

Made the best of the cooler weather by sleeping late and catching up on reading. Hubby made a nice chicken curry and I had it with caulirice. Leftovers are lunch tmrw 😛 Boiled egg  for dinner although I’m not feeling hungry! Looking forward to weigh in on Tuesday as I can definitely feel my pants are no as tight fitting as a few weeks ago!

A beautiful Sunday for a walk

After our pedi and lunch, my friend Amy and I decided to take advantage of the glorious cool weather and walk through Winston Park.  It’s such a beautiful and safe neighborhood with a spectacular meandering tree-lined Avenue. The walk was stimulating and the fresh air so rejuvenating.  It’s been a lovely way to spend Sunday before a busy week ahead.


I hope you have all found a non-food way to spoil yourself this weekend!


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