Before and after pictures

Hi everyone, I know there have been problems with my email, so can you tell me if we have the before and after photos yet please

Thank you

Thank you to Skin Renewal for this incredible opportunity and for the support over the past three months. Thank you also for the wonderful prize.  Well done to all the winners.

I have learnt a lot about myself throughout the process, and have also really enjoyed experiencing this with you all. And now it is important to continue and to ‘maintain’ and not to slide back into ‘what was’….

Thank you!!!

This was not expected…….wow but so very much appreciated!!!!

Now I can reach my goal weight!!!


Opreg dankbaar

Baie dankie Skin Renewal vir hierdie wonderlike geleentheid dit het beslis my lewe verander. Baie geluk aan elke deelnemer ons kan so trots voel op wat ons bereik het. Sterkte vir die pad vorentoe.💕


First Congratulations to all of you ….you did well and for the Men you all did very well….Thanks for this challange…although i couldn’t make it today this challenge changed my life and I lost enough to realise that its Good to have a healthy lifestyle….Thank you Slender challenge……baybe next time I’ll go end out…..Keep the weight doen

Got my new wheels also Today

Goal achieved!

Thanks to Slender Challenge for giving me this faboulous opportunity to achieve my goal weight and been part of this wonderful challenge. This has been a life changing experience.

A special thanks to the fantastic Skin Renewal team both local and KZN. You guys were awesome!

Well done to my fellow competitors for your encouragement, dedication and achievement.

Lastly, a huge thanks to my wife for not only entering me on this challenge but also the support and encouragement. Now we can go clothes shopping together;)

The Finalé

Officially over.


Just completed the final weigh in. Lost a total of 17.4 kg. Although not completely at my goal, I am immensely grateful for what I have lost. Also, for what I have gained.


Thank you Skin Renewal for the amazing opportunity you have given me. An opportunity not only to lose the weight that was holding me down but to change my life completely.


Thank you Liana at Willowbridge for always being positive for me throughout my journey. Especially those times when my losses were not what I wished.


Thanks to all of you for your constant support, encouragement and motivation that carried me through the past 12 weeks. I could not have done it without you.


In my opinion, all of us have done remarkably well. Even if you have not reached goal weight yet, be proud of what you have done. You are amazing.


Good luck with the road ahead. I wish you nothing but the best.


And so it ends! Welldone all! Thx 2 Body Renewal Team for this amazing journey! You changed me and my life!!

Thank you

what an amazing journey this has been…. well done to everyone for their commitment to the ‘process’ and thanks for all the support along the way.   Thank you to Skin Renewal for this opportunity – have really appreciated this opportunity


Just hours to go…No more kilos to lose… till next week.  😊 Thanks again Skin/Body Renewal for this #SlenderChallenge. I would not be where I am without this! It has given me the determination regardless of all the foody stuff I miss to finish this once and for all and hit that illusive 65kg mark. Watch the next 12 weeks! 😊 Thank you also to Sister Serena, always Happy, Positive and Supportive! I expect I will see you again sometime thru the next part of this journey!

Over and Out!


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