Rainy Cape Town

Today was a busy and productive day.


The first part of the day was spent running around at least 3 malls. Willowbridge was the worst because of that amazing market. Resisting temptation is definitely easier despite the fact that I miss some foods. I had my packed fruit and lunch (grilled chicken and roasted mushrooms) with me which helped.


The second part of the day was so lazy. Cape Town finally got some rain so I curled up with a book. Forgot my second fruit as a result. Had an easy supper of poached eggs with a salad. Doubt I made my 3 litres of water because of being on the road so much though.


To all of those who had a bad day, tomorrow is another chance to start afresh.


Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

4 weeks to go

Today in 4 weeks the schallenge will be over. Today has been a bit of a topsy turvy day unfortunately but tomorrow I just need to focus and take  my supplements and snacks on time.

One good thing happened today, I bought 2 jerseys a couple of months ago that I have never worn. I bought them ( even though they were a bit tight) in the hope that I would eventually be able to wear them. So for the past couple of weeks I have been looking for them and today I found them in my daughter’s cupboards. I tried them on and they actually fit quite nicely 😊.


All in for the best

Bly om te sien almal is nog gemotiveerd en reg vir ons laaste 4 weke. Almal in my gesin was nou verlede week siek met erge sinus verkoue en ek het gedink ek gaan dit vry spring, het so goed gevoel tot gister oggend, maar nee ek het dit ook nou en ek sit nogsteeds met die spierpyn uit my kruis af in my linkerbeen. Ek moes myself defnitief verlede week iewers seergemaak. So ja my gemoed is maar aan die afkant Ek wil net vir elkeen voorspoed toewens vir die komende week. Hoe gaan die gesegde, aanhouer wen!!💥

4 weeks to go…

Not a bad result at weigh-in day yesterday…scale creeping downwards slowly.  I realized yesterday we only have 4 weeks left of the challenge – after that, this has to be a commitment to continue with the stabilization and then maintenance phases.

Hope you are all having a great weekend

Upside down day

Overslept this morning, then had to rush through to Langebaan, and completely forgot about my supplements and the injection this morning, and wasn’t home by lunch for the afternoon supplements.  Food choices for the day were also very limited.  The day has been upside down from the start.

Plan: restart tomorrow properly.


Round 2 here!!

I am delighted that we are back on the injections!!

Garden work was nice in the cooler weather here in CT.

If only we could have that rain that was predicted – but still nothing!!

Super Saturday

This morning I was back in Round 2 of HCG. I nearly clean forgot to inject this morning when my mom reminded me. I had brunch with some of my oldest friends. We all met up to see two friends  who moved to Canada three years ago. I saw them last a year ago and their baby girl was just a baby then. She is now 19 months old and a walking, funny little angel. My best friend and 5 year old godchild were also there. I made the best choice that I could for breakfast of 2 poached eggs atop 2 small mushrooms with asparagus and a grilled tomato. It was delicious. Which means I had my shake for lunch with 2 Ryvita. I nearly clean forgot to eat a fruit! I need to find routine on the weekend and I know that the intermittent fasting will give me that structure. I begin again tomorrow!


Dinner tonight will be tuna salad again. I am fairly sure that I am getting a cold but I am thinking myself better haha!


Hope you are all having a fab Saturday.

Autumn sun

What a pleasure! Back to injection!

Exhausting Saturday

Looking for a basic black ancle boots in a mall on a Saturday during month end is madness! I’m exhausted and afterwards I took  the dogs s to the park. I’m done 😥

Feeling bit better

Today I am feeling a bit better! Think I am winning this flu fight at last!


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