slender challenge results & pics

Hi!  Is it possible please to email us our before and after pictures?  Also my weight still hasnt been corrected for last weigh in for Slender Challenge IX, so I can’t see my fnal percentage lost.

Let us know


Nicky Bester

Week 5

Supper amped for the week ahead.  Focused on what needs to be done.  Next weigh in is NOT going to be a disappointing one for me.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, the weekend was great, and the birthday party was a huge success.  Only problem I did have, was the fact that I had such bad pain in my legs Friday evening.  It was a numbing pain that ran from the top of my legs to the bottom.  Nothing I’ve really experienced before.  Never the less, I tried to ignore it, as I was pooped after making all the sweet goodies for the party and went to bed.

Saturday morning when I woke up, the pain had left the legs and moved to my arms – but only from the elbows down.  When I lifted my arms up, it gave a relief, but as soon as I put my arms down, the numbing pain would come back.  I took a cataflam at 16H00 as the pain was unbearable and I was in tears.  It went away before the party started, but here by 23H00, the pain was back again.  Took another cataflam before I went to bed.  The pain was not there on Sunday, THANK GOODNESS, but my legs and arms are soar to the touch.  The only way I can describe it, is like bruised feeling to the touch.  One of the guests that was at the party, is a GP.  She told me the reason for the pain is because I’m not eating enough, and not getting in enough nutrients.  I cant believe this, as the plan we are on is a medical weight loss plan, and the doctors wont put us on this plan if there were such side effects.

This is the first time I’ve experienced this, and was wondering if any of you may have experienced the same thing?


When packing my pills, I may have been a tad distracted last night.


How big a train smash is it to miss a day of Omega 3?

Weight staying the same

So I don’t seem to hav3 lost any more weight since the weekend 😭😭😢😢


Ok, so today was a bit weird.  After feeling SO hungry yesterday, all day.  Today I havent.  I am normally starting to feel peckish around 11 – when I have my apple.  This morning not.  I still ate the apple.  Lunch time came and then only ate at 1:45, and again didnt really feel hungry.  Usually eat my afternoon snack at 3.  Wasnt hungry – so only ate my provita at 3:30 – not because I was hungry – just cos its like haveing a biscuit.  Should I eat my fruit?  Or if I am not hungry just leave it?

Funny now that I have typed this…. I think I can eat that peach now.  LOL!


I am going for my first weighing session on the 13th only so I

realized today that I am going to run out of syringes before then.

I am booked to go to Willowbridge  branch – is it possible to rather weigh on Thursday or Friday?


So far So goo

Feeling energized today and 3kgs down is this even possible?


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