Weight staying the same

So I don’t seem to hav3 lost any more weight since the weekend 😭😭😢😢


Ok, so today was a bit weird.  After feeling SO hungry yesterday, all day.  Today I havent.  I am normally starting to feel peckish around 11 – when I have my apple.  This morning not.  I still ate the apple.  Lunch time came and then only ate at 1:45, and again didnt really feel hungry.  Usually eat my afternoon snack at 3.  Wasnt hungry – so only ate my provita at 3:30 – not because I was hungry – just cos its like haveing a biscuit.  Should I eat my fruit?  Or if I am not hungry just leave it?

Funny now that I have typed this…. I think I can eat that peach now.  LOL!


I am going for my first weighing session on the 13th only so I

realized today that I am going to run out of syringes before then.

I am booked to go to Willowbridge  branch – is it possible to rather weigh on Thursday or Friday?


So far So goo

Feeling energized today and 3kgs down is this even possible?


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