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As we get closer to our final weigh in I’m very aware of the fact that I am only starting my weight loss journey. I am however not feeling like I’m on diet any more – I feel like I have made lifestyle changes and will carry on doing what I’m doing after the challenge. I want to lose at least another 15 kg by September when I go overseas on a beach holiday so I have a goal! Didn’t have a great week with an upset tummy lasting a week. The doctor has given me meds on Thursday to flush any bacterial infection I might have had and feeling a lot better after that. Positive and ready for the last 2 weeks.

Monday Funday

Monday Funday

To all my fellow contestants. Today is the beginning of something new the new you. By this time I think we all are done with those wonderful injections that brings a little “fun” in the morning and those delicious shakes.

Now it is time for the 10 o’clock fruit and I know we are all thinking “Thank goodness actual food”.

Monday Funday

Hope you guys enjoy it because I know I will



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