Well and this is the LAST challenge day.

Where do I start?

  1. A HUGE thank you to Skin Renewal Willowbridge  – the amazing team with the biggest smiles always and a SPECIAL thank you to Wilna Kruger. Jy was n groot inspirasie en ons 2 het so lekker gekliek.
  2. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this challenge – it really changed my life from being a middle 50’s FAT women with aches and pains everywhere to a HIP middle 50’s girl. My husband thinks he’s got a skelmpie.
  3. THE BLOG – I was very skeptical when I heard we must do a entry into this blog DAILY and I must admit I didn’t have much to say EVERY DAY, but omw, if it wasn’t for this blog, I don’t think I would have kept going. When I read that others are also feeling like I am today I thought OK lets just carry on!! Even confessing all the cheats and losses!!
  4. ALL MY CRAVINGS STOPPED and I can actually walk right past all the temptations and look the other way. We have always eaten healthy but my portion size was AT LEAST DOUBLE AND TRIPPLE!! If I look back to what I dish up for my husband at night and I think back that my portions was sometimes bigger with lots of butter and sauces, etc. I am ashamed of myself – to say the least.
  5. I WILL CARRY ON – For the first time in +- 25 years I have the desire to slim right down to my weight that I was in my 20’s!! A lot of my FAT friends say I am crazy, but no, I am going to do this for ME. When I started end January I did say :” THIS IS MY LAST ATTEMPT” and after a few weeks into the Challenge I said ” I am going to see it through to the very last gram” My husband could not believe his ears!! SKIN RENEWAL will have a solution to all the wrinkles!!!
  6. THANKS TO EVERYONE  that commented on my posts and I hope you are all going to be the best YOU for ever.

See you all tomorrow morning


Elzebe Uys

Final Weigh in Information

Good morning all


Hope you are well.


Can you believe that the time has come for our final weigh-in for Slender Challenge 9?


I would just like to take this time and thank you personally for all your hard work. I really do hope that you’ve found this Challenge life changing. It was our privilege to go through all the ups and downs the past 12 weeks. I hope that your weight loss journey brings you more happiness and energy in the future.


For now, you are not a contestant anymore but part of the Renewal family, so we do hope to see you succeed with this amazing journey and to see you more in the future.


I would just like to remind you that the final weigh-in is on 21 April 8:30 for 9:00 at Renewal Institute Fourways.


I would just like to remind you that the final weigh-in is on 21 April 8:30 for 9:00 at Renewal Institute Umhlanga.

Cape Town:

I would just like to remind you that the final weigh-in is on 21 April 8:30 for 9:00 at Renewal Institute Cape Quarter.


You will receive more documentation for the Stabilization and your Maintenance plan, you will no longer receive complimentary products so please keep in mind that you will have to purchase any further products if you want.


We ask you kindly to please wear one colour pants/tops, no multiple colours for the photos. Please also bring a pair of BIG pants with for the photos.


After the measurements and weigh-ins, we will take photos and then the nurse will have a talk about your Stabilization and Maintenance plan.


We will have our Goodbye talk and then a final “healthy snack” to greet all your fellow contestants.


Please insure that you are at the final weigh-in, any contestant that is not at the final weigh-in is automatically “disqualified” from winning any of the prices that will be announced.


Looking forward seeing you.

Results: Week 6 weigh-in

Results: Week 6

Good Day Contestants, week 6 Weigh-in results are up.

Go have a look here;

We have looked at the weigh-in results thus far and have had to disqualify a few of our contestants on the Slender Challenge.

They did not meet the requirements of the Weight loss program or Slender Challenge 9 competition Terms and Conditions and lost less than the minimum requirement at the halfway mark which is 6 kgs.

To the rest of our Contestants, you are half way there, please make sure that you prep your supplements and meals for the next day to make sure you stick to the plan.

Thank you very much for everyone’s hard work.

Slender Challenge Team


Keep going. Only 2 weeks to go.

The last two weeks are particularly tough, mentally.

Every time you are tempted to cheat, just remember why you started.

Enjoy your weekend everybody 😁

Itchy injection

So the last few days my tummy itches where I inject anyone else have that symptom.

8 Ways to stop stress eating


When you’re all wound up after a stressful situation, try eating vegetables and fruits to help you get through this tense period. You’ll still eat to relieve tension, but the foods will be more nutritious. Crunchy, raw vegetables should be your first choice because they are low in calories, and you’ll be able to eat an unlimited amount without gaining extra pounds. If you’re craving something sweet, go for fruit. It’s refreshing and provides a boost of energy.

Stressed Eating

After your stress has subsided, aim to get on track so you can respond to stress in a healthy manner over time. Add these 8 proven habits into your everyday routine and you’ll break the stressful eating cycle before you know it.

  1. Eat a well-balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats, like the Mediterranean Diet.
  2. Don’t skip meals so you don’t overeat.
  3. Drink water throughout the day.
  4. Carry healthy snacks with you and stay energized during the day.
  5. Strive for 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.
  6. Develop a strong support system of family and friends.
  7. Limit alcohol and caffeine intake.
  8. Relax your mind and body with meditation, deep breathing, positive affirmations or another stress reduction technique.

Bonus tip: Get regular exercise. Studies have shown that any type of exercise, from high-energy activities to yoga can help reduce stress. Exercise releases endorphins in the body that fight stress and act as natural antidepressants. Find an exercise activity that you like to do. Set up exercise “dates” for yourself and honour them as you would any other appointments in your schedule.

Stress is on the rise for a lot of Americans, and more than half of us don’t feel like we’re getting the support we need to handle it. Start practising these habits now and you’ll find yourself better prepared to manage stress during tough times. Making healthier choices today can provide the resilience, focus, and stamina you’ll need in times of crisis.

Superb Saturday

So something happened last night as when I got on the scale this morning I was down was starting to feel like my efforts this past week were in vein.


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