Had a mother daughter tea this morning I heard a mothers struggle and realized that, Yes some people seem to have it all until you hear their story which then makes mine seems minuscule. I was fortunate enough to have been selected for a competition which gave me answers as to why I struggle with my weight while others don’t have a competition or Doctor access or any means to assist with health problems. SO I AM GRATEFUL. A LOT. Thank you


4 Weeks left. Thinking back to starting weight, I will never be that weight and that uncomfortable again. Have a great weekend

Today Slender visit

I have my weigh-in today. hoping its better news and some difference can be seen even if its only been a week since my viewing my blood-tests results. Its been hard sticking to this program with almost no results, it gets your mindset negative, I have to keep telling myself it may be week 8 but for me its week 1

Almost weigh-in

Tomorrow is week 8 weigh-in and I feel way much better then I did starting out. It’s only been one week on the medication and I feel better in one week then I have felt in the last 7 weeks. One week has made all the difference, and I have said it before but would like to say again, and i’m going to. Thank you Dr Maricia

hectic busy

We had end of year 2016 Company awards, been trying to squash all appointments in as well. All good, just forgot to post.I’m not sure I lost any weight during our ‘wash out’ period but certainly had more energy. Looking forward to starting the last 4 weeks loss

Not there yet but feeling better

Just finished my what use to be 25min in 20min. Definitely need to extend my distance. Have to admit I love this feeling that I have to go for a walk, haven’t walked this far in 4+ years. I am not going back to where I started this challenge. I am a person that remains loyal in “relationships” so I will not cheat myself out of a healthier lifestyle, will remain loyal to this process.


Thank you

Week 8

Looking at everybody’s results. I’m glad we started when we did, some have lost plenty and some not so much, but still weight has been lost. Journey well spend.

8 Weeks

Cant believe it’s week 8, 4 weeks left. Come a long way with new information and making sure to carry on to a new healthier me

It’s been years and was a great motivator

School rugby this morning and I was not only able to get into a pair of jeans that has been collecting dust but I was also able to support my son on the side the way I use to, running up and down alongside ALMOST at the pace I did more than 5 years ago and 15kg lighter. That alone is enough encouragement to stick and carry on getting to a smaller, more energetic me.


Day 2 on the medication for my health issue. Hoping and praying for the best


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