Tyd stap

Paar dae oor. Sien uit na die “reveal”

6 Days n counting

Sticking to the end Will carry on till end of the year and just maintain. Medication is working nicely. Slowly but surely

Final Week

Everybody’s come a long way. Looking forward to see the changes


Seeing everybody’s results. It is really difficult keeping a “eat right youll get there” attitude. Struggling. Harder then I thought. Especially seeing 12kg+ weight loss on some challengers profiles. I dont wanna be big snymore. Even though i found out 4 weeks ago why i struggle. Its hard. Wont win the challenge. Atleast I know I have a problem and why with help from the Dr on how I can fix it. Just feels like im starting from scratch. I did win in a way. I won knowkedge to my problem


Slowly but surely getting there

Counting the days

Excited to see the results


Less then 2 weeks to go. Good luck


Blessings to all.


2 weeks left. Cant wait to see everybodys results. Every Kg lost is closer to a healthier lifestyle. Keep it up

Better today

Feeling soooo much better today. Not a great weig-in. Wil push through for the last weug-in. Continueing the lifestyle even after this 12 weeks


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