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So fellow contestants, how are your craving levels going? I am surprised, especially after my weekend away at the BRC surround by delicious food, that I am having less cravings. I used to love Steers Wacky Wednesday, and I was thinking about it today for obvious reasons.

I do still put down most of my cravings to being purely mental, as I am not experiencing hunger, except when i am not drinking enough water.

What strategies do you use when you have a craving?

I acknowledge that I am having the craving
I accept that it is a craving
I ask myself where did the urge come from
I examine the source – usually some sort of mind hunger from external stimuli
I accept that it’s not a stomach hunger and its not real

Then the craving just sort of goes away.

I previously just used to try bury the thought, and then it would pop up later even stronger! But give this a try if you are experiencing cravings, and see if it works for you.


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    Juliet Kriel
    March 8th 2018

    My cravings have subsided quite a bit. Not as bad as what they used to be. It definitely has become much easier over the weeks.

    Jackie Houston
    March 8th 2018

    still experience cravings every now and again, and when I do, I generally try to drink more water, which does help a bit


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