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Eating with family and friends

The weekend always brings the additional challenge of eating with family and friends.  During the week my work schedule makes socializing almost impossible so in a way I’m lucky there as it’s so much easier to stick to my diet. But the weekends are much more challenging.


But with a bit of thought, it can be done.  In the morning my husband went mountain biking with a friend of his, and I really didn’t know what to do for lunch for all of us.  Then, it hit me. Tuna salad.  I bought the guys some rolls from Woolies, and made individual tuna salads. I made mine use 100g tuna chunks in brine, 40g wild rocket, and 80g tomato, cucumber and fresh chili. I seasoned it with the rosemary and sage grind from Woolies, plus a dressing I made with lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and sweetener.   I was really pleased at how it turned out, as I’m not a huge fan of tuna as it stands.


Tonight we’re having steak, husband with a baked potato and mine with stir fry veg.  Yay! Tomorrow is my lazy day and I’ve got our meals laid out to avoid any thinking.


Happy weekend!


*published for Saturday.

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