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Exciting Times

I am back to eating the 2 meals a day, shake and 2 snacks. I am LOVING the addition of milk, oats and olives.  So today was the first day that I felt a little bit hungry but snack time rolled along and I had the 10 green olives – which is possibly the most delicious thing ever. I am literally daydreaming about the oats which is my afternoon snack. I am now intermittently intermittent fasting. I will resume the fasting when the last 4 weeks kicks off.


I forgot to post yesterday. I put it down to the fact that I got 2 hours sleep the night before which brought on a stinking headache. I then got home, ate and continued doing coursework for a course I am completing.


Great news in my personal life has certainly given me a much needed mood boost. I was approved for 4 weeks leave to see my hubby in the UK, in June! He also found a new apartment. So everything is starting to fall into place. It has been the longest journey but I know that by the end of the year it will all have been worth it. It is all engines go at the moment and by the time April 21st rolls around a lot of things will have quietened down.


Honestly speaking though, my biggest worry is that I gain weight in the next two weeks. Anyone else feel this way?



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    Jackie Houston
    March 13th 2018

    are we allowed to eat the oats – I was told not to eat oats and we crossed it off the list

    Juliet Kriel
    March 14th 2018

    Hi Danielle, I was also told not to eat the oats. Was also crossed off my list by the nurse. Cant say much about the olives – dont like em at all – so don’t eat em. But most importantly I’m so happy your going to see you hubby in June! That’s awesome news, and so happy for you both.

    PS. My fear to is gaining weight over this period. Last night was hectic. Was so hungry – could have eaten a whole cow.


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