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The Fat Free Search

I need to add more of the diary products to my meals but that has been problematic to say the least.


Finding the products felt like a treasure hunt. I actually had to go to 6 different stores before finding it. The shelves were full of low fat, medium fat, full cream and double cream but just not the one that I needed. Did anyone else notice that?


At the end of the day (right before lunch time) I found fat free yoghurt, fortunately. The nectarine went so well with it that it was worth the search.

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    Thea Erasmus
    February 13th 2018

    That is one of my favourite meals at the moment! I buy the Woollies fat free yoghurt, the Parmalat fat free plain one is also not too bad. Try a little bit of cinnamon on top as well 😊

      February 13th 2018

      Sadly, Woolies closes too early for me. Will definitely do the cinnamon after I get there at the weekend. Thanks, Thea.

    Danielle Beder
    February 14th 2018

    I found at Checkers. I love cottage cheese so much but am sad that we can only have it twice a week.


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