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Get up & Get out!

I have been writing about declining invitations and possibly becoming depressed because I will become a recluse….well, have I learnt my lesson!!

The secret is…. Get up! Get out of the house! I find when I am busy and around people that know I am on this new lifestyle, they check up on you (in a positive way)¬†and you stay connected to yourself and to them.

Don’t stay at home because you will start to feel sorry for yourself and start snacking on the forbidden stuff (which is bad for anyone anyway).

Get moving this week (note to myself).

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    Nicky Bester
    February 12th 2018

    Yes!! Note to me too!!

    Juliet Kriel
    February 12th 2018

    Thanks for the tip Yvette. Did know this, but sometimes you just need a gentle kick in the but to remind ourselves.


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