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So this morning I had an odd moment, elbeit a good moment…  So I bumped into someone this morning that I see irregularly, don’t know their name, but we greet. Saw them last about 3 maybe 4 weeks ago and after greeting … her response was…”You are loosing weight, is everything OK? I said all good, was just about time I made the effort.” Only afterwards I realised she had been concerned that my weight loss was because I was ill or something! She did express her happiness for me, seemed quite relieved! It made me realise when I thought about it afterwards that there are people out there who have lost drastic weight, or quickly due to illness and I expect she had had experience of this, hence her very genuine concern.

Not quite sure how to process this in my head.  It almost seems like a negative, but I also feel sad for her, she must have gone through a rough time with someone close to her.  I am glad that I was able to say no – just a good decision made! :-)

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    Elzana Botes
    April 4th 2018

    Wow its always nice when someone notice it. Well done Nicky💕

    Elzebe Uys
    April 4th 2018

    Wow Nicky well done!! Keep it up xx

    Juliet Kriel
    April 4th 2018

    You go girlfriend. xoxo


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