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Wow!  Suddenly the time is up!  Reading everyone’s blogs – quite a few of us seem to have come to a bit of a standstill!  I wonder if it’s not because we all stressing to reach that little goal we gave ourselves?  Well!  I have decided – it is what it is.  Not close to the furthest goal I set or the secondary goal.  Hoping to still reach the last mini goal, but a miracle will have to happen between today and Saturday LOL!  Be that as it may… I have lost weight!  I have lost more weight in this space of time than I would have if I had attempted to do this on my own.  Yes, I had bad days, but not as many again, if I didnt have the support structure that we have had on our Slender Challange journey.  I would probably have been yoyo-ing up and down and going nowhere slowly.  So I am grateful! Very Grateful, that I have been given this opportunity along with all the great contestants who have shared this journey with me.

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    Tracy Lee Campbell
    April 18th 2018

    So true!

    Thea Erasmus
    April 18th 2018

    I agree with you Nicky! We should all be super proud of what we have achieved!!

    Juliet Kriel
    April 18th 2018

    Woohoo, true story. The support from the contestants have been amazing. Cant wait to see you on Saturday Nicky. <3


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