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It starts with food

No matter how many times you go to the gym or if you do not exercise at all, it all start with food! Your portion size and what you eat are two of the things that I have learned over my struggle with weight, that is detrimental to your weight. That is why I love this diet so much. It teaches discipline in my eating habits and once again confirms that I need a lifestyle change more than a diet for the rest of my life!

Going into the second week, my main focus will be to drink more water! Good luck everyone, you are not alone on this new lifestyle.

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    Daleen Le Grange
    February 5th 2018

    Hi Yvette…..i agree 💯% With you ….and i hope for all of us this is the last time on a diet that we will learn to eat right…and live a healthy live from now on…Keep going you are a inspiration to me 🙃

    Juliet Kriel
    February 5th 2018

    You are what you eat ladies. In losing weight, 80% of it is what you eat. The remainder is exercise.

    Elsie Siepje
    February 5th 2018

    Couldn’t say it better myself Yvette… thanx….and keep going strong❣

    Thea Erasmus
    February 5th 2018

    So true!

  • administrator
    Anika Bosch
    February 5th 2018

    Well done with the awareness. That will be your first key to success. Keep up with the hard work.

    Colette Mansfield
    February 5th 2018

    We all need that reminder, thank you!!


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