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So I have been quite lucky along this Slender Challange Journey.  I have not had any headaches, or nausea or any other bad symptoms that some of the other contestants have had.  I have had steady weight loss, besides my ups and downs.  Just one thing, the injection is really getting to me now, particularly since we started again. My bruise is bigger than it was after 6 weeks of injecting, I have also drawn blood. I struggle every morning trying to find the right spot where I don’t feel the needle tip pricking my skin. Someone suggested the thigh, but I just haven’t been able to build up the courage to go there. It is the one thing, besides my own willpower that is really making me feel despondent.  Particularly because I would like to be able to continue with this plan after last weigh in, so as to reach my ultimate goal.  Ai!  Just two weeks to go!  Someone slap me upside the head and tell me to stop being a big baby and get over myself!!

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    Danielle Beder
    April 6th 2018

    Have a look at Tracy Lee’s post – Perfecting Injecting. I also have a bad bruise but applying the method she suggests has been working for me. Does the bruise hurt?

      Nicky Bester
      April 6th 2018

      Thanks Yes – I did read her post… just can’t get myself to stick my thigh! Actually hate injections! LOL! I don’t like touching the bruise so only now that you asked the question, I pressed on it… it is a bit sensitive… I think its because my big fat roll is getting smaller, making it more difficult LOL!

    Thea Erasmus
    April 7th 2018

    Hi Nicky, I also can’t face trying injecting in my thigh. I alternate sides every morning and also don’t inject in the same spot, have you tried that?

      Nicky Bester
      April 11th 2018

      Tried the right side before, the first time round. Was sore, so carried on with the left. Different spots, but this just makes the bruise bigger. The last couple of days though I have only been injecting on the right side. Seem to have found a sweet spot :-)


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