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Just tired

The picture says it all. Today (especially tonight) I have just been feeling tired. Not sure if it is the change in eating plan but really tired. I am also feeling quite hungry tonight.

My eating plan was not much different today compared to other days. I had oats for breakfast which was a nice change, chicken and salad for lunch, my shake as an afternoon snack and chicken and beans for supper. I forgot to have my other fruit so maybe that is causing my hunger.

I did have my first cup of normal tea in six weeks tonight and it was lovely! I have missed it! Even with the skimmed milk. It definitely felt like a hug in a cup! I used to always drink skimmed milk but over the last couple of years I changed to low fat. I just missed a bit of creaminess but today I just enjoyed my cup of tea!

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    Juliet Kriel
    March 13th 2018

    The cutest picture ever…..sorry you feeling so tired. Hope that it gets better really soon. I to am feeling more hungry. Think it’s because of the HCG hormone that is or has worn off. All the best for the next 2 week of the washout phase Thea.


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