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Mmmm is for Mushrooms

I have not been this excited for lunchtime in about 6 weeks. 🤣


Mushroom is one of my favourite vegetables so that was the first washout meal I packed. I literally cannot wait for the next 5 minutes to pass to eat my food.


Made a major ooopsie in prep though. Since the start of the challenge, I packaged all my proteins (chicken, beef, fish and ostrich) in individual 100 gram bags. So now I am stuck with that. Will have to defrost and repackage all of it. Or the bad option: how much of a difference will 20 grams actually make? 🤔


Have a marvellous Monday.

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    Yvette Van Rooyen
    March 12th 2018

    Trust me, 20 grams makes a difference (I know from experience). How do you prepare your mushrooms without any yummy butter?

      March 12th 2018

      Urgh. Guess I am off to the shops. Pretty sure defrosting to re-measure then freezing again won’t work.

      Spray and cook had to do the trick. Definitely was not as good but was a nice change.

    Elzana Botes
    March 12th 2018

    I also love mushrooms💕


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