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Monday Madness

Walked into one of those days at work today, where everything that could happen, did happen, that shouldn’t have happened!!

I was so busy didn’t really have time to think about food or anything else.  So my water intake suffered a bit, but trying to take in as much as possible now.

Good thing all my food was prepped and ready to go, so that was eaten on the run.

I am super excited for the weigh in at the end of this week.  I have managed to not weigh myself again since the start, but can definitely feel the difference in how my clothes feel, and my stomach looks more like a stomach and not a huge fat roll.  So I am very optimistic.



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  • administrator
    Health Renewal
    February 5th 2018

    Stay positive Colette! You will be awarded for it! Well done

    Michelle Selipsky
    February 5th 2018

    Keep focussed xx


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