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Monday Monday!

Today, Monday, I decided I made a mistake with my meals choices. I had two raw meals, one with fat free cottage cheese, and one with yogurt.  I honestly felt cheated out of a decent meal for the first time on Simeon B.


But tomorrow I am duty bound to have lunch with a customer at work, so my strategy is to expand on our usual Mediterranean spread of bread, cheese, Italian meats, olives, gherkins etc and include cucumber, tomatoes and cottage cheese.  I have already weighed mine out, and it will be my second cheese serve of the week, but I didn’t really have any other ideas.


I also think I’m battling to fall asleep at my usual time of 10pm because of the supplements.  I’ll be seeing the doctor at skin renewal tomorrow so going to ask her.  Is anyone else struggling?



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    Jill Broughton
    February 6th 2018

    Excited to see you at the weigh-in this week. I’m at HC today so might see you later.


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