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Moody Thursday🙄

Today was most definitely moody Thursday for me….with alot of frustration….our electricity was off since last night 18:15 untill today 17:35 and no water also due to a bad weather storm last night….. had some time to reflect on some things and one fact definitely strike me again is how much we have to be thankful for… on my diet’s part everything went fine….weigh in time is coming closer and really hope to see good enough results…. I’m glad to see some of you guys already did weigh in and are happy with your results….Congrats to you and Strongs for the rest still waiting to weigh in❣🤞🤞🤞

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    Thea Erasmus
    February 8th 2018

    Sounds like my day Elsie!! Good luck

      Elsie Siepje
      February 10th 2018

      Sorry about your bad day Thea…&…Danielle and Juliet thank you so much for support always i really appreciate i❣t…..sorry for my late reply ….still struggling with my blogging and don’t always see my messages 🤗

    Danielle Beder
    February 8th 2018

    We sure do have a lot to be thankful for. All the best for the weigh in!

    Juliet Kriel
    February 9th 2018

    All the best with your weigh-in Elsie. Know you going to do great.


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