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How much sleep do you get?

Since starting this challenge, I battle to get to sleep before 10pm. That’s particularly hard for me especially if I am getting up around 3:15am to catch a flight as it reduces the number of hours I sleep. I went to see the Doctor at the Hillcrest branch, and she was telling me that the green coffee bean pill was definitely a contributor as I don’t drink a lot of coffee, and nothing with caffeine after midday. However, I didn’t want to compromise myself on this diet in any way by considering the option of not taking them. So I have been strictly managing the time I take the pills, in order to give myself enough time to process them and get to sleep.

So in general I get between 7 and 8 hours. But I can cope for at least two weeks on 6 hours a night before i start feeling the exhaustion. Sleep has been something that I have gotten a bit obsessed about in the last few years and I realised when talking with my friends that I am not the only one. It seems to be as a result of a general increase in responsibilities at work, and the need to be mentally active for a larger portion of the day. If we don’t get adequate sleep our performance suffers.

I truly admire those people who can sleep for 4-5 hours a night as a way of life and don’t suffer! I would love more hours in my day without compromising my abilities to get through those extra hours!

i’d be interested to hear what your sleep hours are?

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    Yvette Van Rooyen
    March 7th 2018

    My worst is waking up at 2am or between 2am and 3am, usually. Lying awake tossing and turning. Drive’s me up the wall.

    Juliet Kriel
    March 7th 2018

    Hi Tracey Lee, I’ve also been struggling since the challenge, but what happens to me is that I go to bed normal time – around 21H30 sometimes 22H00, and then I wake up anytime between 02H00 – 03H00 and cant go back to sleep. This is a problem for me as I wake up at 04H15 everyday. I did some research, and found this product by Solal called Sleep Naturally. I confirmed with Dr. at our Willowbridge branch – and it is perfectly fine to take, as it does not contain any calories. Needless to say, I now sleep extremely well. You should give it a try. :0)

    Jackie Houston
    March 7th 2018

    Aaaaah ok, now that makes sense – also battling to get to sleep in the evenings….

    Tracy Lee Campbell
    March 7th 2018

    Thanks so much Juliet


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