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New Challenge 2018

New Challenge 2018

Quoting from the song: For the First Time

” When was the last time you did something for the first time?
Yeah, let yourself go, follow that feeling
Maybe something new is what you’re needing
Like a real life, let your hair down, feel alive
When was the last time you did something for the first time? ”

New challenges

New challenges


It is time to take on a new challenge, kick off 2018 by doing something for yourself. Enter our Slender Challenge and slim down your body


Facing challenges on the path to super achievement is not only likely, it is inevitable. As you traverse the path of success, you are going to be knocked down a number of times. This is a natural part of our creative experience on this planet and something, which must be expected on every worthwhile journey of excellence and growth.

Challenges are Inevitable

When the inevitable challenges do cross your path, do not allow yourself to feel overwhelmed. Accept them and realize that they are an integral part of the learning process, needed to allow you to grow into the person you need to be to attract the success you desire. Challenges are often the very catalysts, which will reveal all the hidden possibilities, which you may have missed, had you not encountered the challenge.

Make the shift and see challenges as your guide, which will help you to discover your hidden and unlimited potential. You can and will more easily overcome any obstacle or challenges, which will cross your path and turn them into a triumph if you apply these few simple principles in your life.

Expect Challenges.

As you embark on the journey to uncover and live your dreams and realise your business goals. Accept that the journey will not be smooth sailing all the way. Learn the art of anticipating challenges; expect them as a natural part of any success journey, so when they do come your way, you will not be overwhelmed. This shift will allow you to learn as much as possible from each challenge and give you the momentum to overcome them as quickly as possible. Always search within each challenge and you will discover a great lesson, which will most certainly serve you in the future.

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  • administrator
    Health Renewal
    November 9th 2017

    Do not miss this opportunity!! A once in a lifetime opportunity. DR Marissa

  • administrator
    Health Renewal
    November 9th 2017

    If you think you will never fit in that dress or you will never be able to fit in a pair of men guess jeans……. You wrong with the slender challenge you can make it happen…..Enter now and take that next step Slender Challenge is here to change- I Can’t Wear that into I WILL WEAR THAT !!!!!

  • administrator
    Health Renewal
    November 15th 2017

    Cannot wait to see all This year’s exciting transformations


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