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Next Sunday!!

Next Sunday this time The Slender Challenge lX would be done and dusted…….For some of us it would be a glorious day and for some it maybe a bit disappointed …whatsoever don’t let the center of this challenge leave your live completely….Because this is \ was not just about competition and competing……it was about absorbing and learning the beautiful new life and body we all were sculpting on the past 12 weeks…..I think there must definitely be an change of mindset …….an emotional change aswell as a body change…..But I know now that we mustn’t let the challenge stop totally next Sunday…..keep a good healthy challenge with yourself to never slide back into bad food choices and overeating…..don’t stop exercising even if it’s just walking keep on doing it……I think our biggest challenge starts on Sunday 22 April The challenge against yourself and your mind…….I will definitely look back with kind of nostalgic on this past 12 weeks……And then for the last week starting Tomorrow……KEEP GOING…STRONGS…HANG IN THERE….YOU CAN DO IT!!!


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    Elsie Siepje
    April 15th 2018

    Well said couldn’t say it better myself…Well Done Bestie on a Wonderful journey I’m so thankful I could have done it with you …..You were such a motovitar and strong place for me all the way….Thank you I couldn’t done it without YOU❣❣❣

      Daleen Le Grange
      April 15th 2018



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