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Nose hunger

Nose hunger – what’s that? It’s a phrase that has been coined to describe hunger that arises from smelling food. It may not be genuine hunger, but your senses are stimulated by the smell of frying onions, or something equally delish!


Today I battled with nose hunger! A customer visited our factory and I provided lunch…. the bread and cured Italian meats had me salivating. I strictly ate my cucumber and cherry tomatoes with cottage cheese. And tried not to inhale the tempting smells.


And then after a particularly long hot Durban day, when I got home I opened the pantry to start my food prep for my business trip, and the smell of freshly sliced biltong just smashed right into me.  I literally quivered.  I also shortly afterwards got a little rabid and through clenched teeth asked my husband nicely to please respect my diet and keep his snacks in hidden, sealed containers. I think he saw the tic by my eye and just quietly complied.


I cant wait for the rain, this humid weather makes me grumpy. At least I’ll Be in Joburg tomorrow and can enjoy some milder weather.


Sleep tight all and stay strong!

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